Embarrassing Moments

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(Some) of My Most Embarrassing Moments

1) The time my Grandma Wildermuth spanked me and my brother. Soooo humiliating! It’s not fun to get a regular spanking, but one from Grandma? Crushing! I don’t even remember what we did. It must have been horrible, because I suspect it crushed Grandma even more.

2) The time I decided to say “Heck” in my Grandma Morris’s Sunday school class. I’m not sure why that even happened. Actually I am ... I was copying my best friends who (eventually) also got in trouble for saying “Heck”. Although I doubt they did it in Sunday school.

3) The time when the Morris family was playing Dictionary*, and I thought that nobody would know what a mol is. It was a very stupid assumption, because practically everyone in the family is a math or science person. I have since been educated, and I at least know a small amount about moles. (Enough to make my brain hurt.)

4) The time I ran over my Mom’s plants with the riding lawnmower. (I believe that they were cherry bushes).  I came to my Mom in tears and apologized. (I had already had several embarrassing incidents on the riding lawnmower) She wasn’t happy, but she forgave me. I went back in a high state of emotional trauma, and backed the lawnmower off of the cherry bushes. I was shocked when I saw that they were unharmed. Then I looked back over the lawn and realized that I never had the mower blades down to begin with.

5) The time I had to fill out a paper slip to get my college library card, and was forced to explain to the librarian that I didn’t remember my social security number. She was very bewildered, and it was terribly embarrassing. I could also mention the time that I walked through the library doors and the alarm went off. I had about a million books in my backpack, and the librarian had to scan every. single. one. She tried to pretend she wasn’t highly interested in my odd assortment of books. But she was. I find it rather amazing that I still go to the library. Perhaps my personality is becoming braver.
... I do, however, always suspect that the librarian still regards me as a very odd personage...

6) The time an older lady at church decided to compliment me. She told me that all of the ladies had been talking about me, and they all agreed that I carried myself in a distinctive way and looked like a teenaged super-model. I know positively that she meant well, but I was mortified.

7) The time my dog (a German Shepherd) almost got into a fight with two Boxers. We were going for a walk around the neighborhood, and she went crazy when they approached us. The owner of the two dogs stood in the yard and watched, and a guy in a pickup truck slowed waaay down to make sure that everything was okay. It was humiliating. I dragged my dog  home and then proceeded to cry and have serious anger issues. Especially towards the neighbor who let her two boxers run in the street.

8) The time I realized that I wore horrible clothing when I was twelve. Also the time that I realized I was a pain in the butt when I was twelve. I guess twelve was a bad year for me.

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P.S. This is meant to be funny. And I can't really believe that I'm doing this. So laugh.  :-/

* For those who are curious, Dictionary is a word game. The person who is It picks an obscure word from the dictionary, and everyone writes a fake definition for it. The players then vote on which definition is the real one. Whoever fools someone into thinking that their fake definition is correct gets a point. Whoever is It gets a point every time someone votes for the wrong definition.


  1. I totally laughed. It was funny :-) But still, I feel your pain in these moments! Just sayin, it takes an awesome person to be able to share embarrassing moments like you just did. And I'm not saying this cos I'm about to share some, LOL :)

    I was walking down the hallway at church, it was the first Sunday after I had bobbed my hair, and this guy says "Oh you got you hair cut" (now I really dislike this guy, and I dunno y but I get nervous around him:p )
    So I say "Oh thanks"..really hurriedly
    And he walks away with this "Um..ok??" Look on his face..
    It was SOOO embarrassing.

    Then one time Eli found out I didn't know what a "PIN UP girl" was...Then I tried to defend myself by saying I just forgot..and I dug myself even deeper and they all started laughing at me..
    Mortifying really.

    One time I said something really awkward to a guy I knew..it was horrid..it wouldn't make sense to write it down, but it was about his sister..
    I wanted to cry.

    Thats all I can think of right now! xD

  2. Hmmm, I have been embarrassed lots of times, but right now, nothing is coming to mind. I guess, I am really tired. I'll be back though, I promise!

  3. The time I let my dog out the front door and he took off after a bunch of ten year olds and I had to race after him in my pajamas. They were terrified, and all I could say was "OH MY GOSH, I'M SO SORRY, he doesn't like skateboards!" And the older kid glared at me and drug the other kid away. Oh. Goodness.

    There was also the time I was playing piano at a youth group with a guy, and he flirted with me, and in response I acted like a two year old and stole his candy and raced around everyone in the room before dramatically throwing the candy behind something so he couldn't get it. He didn't really talk to me after that.

    EEP. I think that it's impossible to not embarrass yourself when your a teen. Too many hormones or something. xD

  4. Okay, this is the worst. But somehow I had heard that someone in my church was pregnant (was actually an awful, unsubstantiated rumor--though she had been married for a while) I went up to her and said "Congratulations--I hear you are expecting) and I *cringe* patted her belly. She quickly said "I'm not pregnant!!" I wanted to fall through the floor at that exact moment and never come back. Thankfully, we are good friends now, though I have never again brought that horrible moment up!! Thanks for sharing yours!!

  5. I've had the same kind of embarrassing moments as Heather. The worst is when you assume that someone comes from a traditional family (Mom, Dad, kids) and you say something that indicates that and then find out that it isn't that simple. I am getting better at not assuming. :) I hate it when I forget to ask someone if they have allergies and then when they come to eat with us I've made something they can't eat. Ugh!

  6. Now I feel embarrassed for me, and all of you! ;)