Cloth-covered Button Earrings

     Have you noticed all the cloth-covered button earrings out there? (There's almost a million on Etsy) They're pretty cute and retro, so I was really excited when Mom found two vintage button kits at a flea market several months ago. Turns out, it's super easy to make your own button earrings. And the results are.. lovely. =) I know there's lots of tutorials for them, but I decided to make one for fun, because I can. :) You can find cloth button kits pretty much anywhere that sells sewing supplies, and you can use absolutely any fabric you want. So with out further ado, a fun tutorial from me. =)
     Unless you buy a refill package, the button backs come with little mold/pusher thingys. My package was for "french two-tone buttons", which is the reason for the two different sizes.
     First off, use a pliers to remove the little button loop from the backs. I thought it was a pain in the neck to start with, but it gets easier.
     Next, cut out a little circle of fabric. There's usually a template on the package that shows what size to make the circle.
     Put the fabric circle on top of the rubber mold, and put the round button part upside-down on top of that.

     Push the button into the rubber mold, using the metal pusher part. (see top photo) Make sure there's still plenty of fabric around the edges.

     Push the edges of the fabric down into the metal button...

     Place the button back (minus the metal loop) on top of that. Push it down with the metal pusher.
     It should all look like this when it's done. If the fabric isn't secure all the way around the edges, you'll have to pull it apart and start over.
     Next, you get to take the buttons out of the mold! (just push on the bottom of the rubber mold, and they'll pop out) Aren't they adorable?
     Last step! Glue the earring backs onto the bottom of the cloth buttons. I always use super-glue ... cuz it's the best!
     There you are! Cute, no? Super fun too, because you can use all different sizes and patterns. Endless possibilities. =)


  1. OOhhh! I love those! I need to make me some! And you could also, using fabric medium and acrylic paint, paint something of your own design on the fabric! :)

  2. Oh yes! You should definitely do that, seeing as you're more artistically inclined when it comes to paints. :)

  3. Those are so cool and different! Too bad I didn't get my ears pierced back in the day, I would be all over this project in a snap. Ah, but perhaps these could work on a sweater or shirt cuffs, no? xD

    (btw, you're kicking my tail at the Goodreads challenge, in which I am shocked. Very impressive stats!)

    1. Yes, I think it would be a lot of fun to redo an old sweater with new buttons! You'll notice that a large amount of my books are The Chronicles of Narnia... I was sick with a cold for a few days, and read five of them in just two or three days! I've been reading a lot less this week, because school and homework are starting to pick up.