2012 Pinterest Challenge

First of all, an explanation of what Pinterest is...

    Pinterest is a website that people use to collect the things they are interested in. Like anything on the internet, Pinterest can be misused, but for the most part it is a great place to discover new ideas and projects. Each user has their own “boards” and they “pin” images that they find on the internet, or “repin” images from other people’s boards. Using Pinterest is pretty simple. To pin images directly from articles and websites that you personally find, you install a “Pin It” button. (Basically, you just drag the button up to where your bookmarks are, and you’re set.) When you read an article, or discover an interesting picture, you click the “Pin It” button, which allows you to select which image you want, and which board you want to pin the image onto. Over time, you gradually (or rapidly) collect things that interest you, and you can also browse other members boards and pins.
    So what’s the result of all this “pinning”? Well.... truthfully it usually results in addiction, a whole lot of pins that you’ll never use, and a weird sense of creativity and accomplishment over doing nothing. In my case, it means that I have a ton of DIY projects and recipes that I will probably never make. heehee. Buuuuut ... this is where the 2012 Pinterest Challenge comes in. (My own invention, by the way.)
    The Challenge? To make/use/be inspired by one pin each week. That simple.

    So. The next few weeks will find me posting my “Pinterest Challenge” projects and creations. Maybe I’ll get carried away and do two or three a week. That kind of sounds like something I would do. By the way, I do not expect this to last all of 2012. Right now the goal is just for January. Another thing.... this is definitely not the only thing I will be blogging about. I have a feeling 2012 is going to be a good year for my blog. Haha. And I can predict the future. =)

P.S. If you have a Pinterest addiction, you should join me!
P.P.S. Um...nothing. I’m just fond of P.P.S’s

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  1. AH! I wish I did pinterest. Oh well:p I wish people wouldnt miss use it. Cant wait for future pinterest posts! :)