Let it glitter! (or snow)

     We woke up to snow this morning. :) I can't believe that Christmas is almost here. And winter IS here! I am finally done with my Chemistry take-home test. That thing was horrid. Now I have to write a four-page essay. :( I am really ready to have a break from school! Fortunately we get a month off for Christmas and New Years, and then I think I'll be ready to start up again.
     Last night we played a long card game of hand and foot. I let Jason mess around with my Playlist and make his own list. He decided he likes Star Wars music, John Phillip Sousa, and Alvin and the Chipmunks. Lol! Try loudly humming Sousa and then switch to Christmas songs in a chipmunk voice. The effect is interesting. :p 
     My room is a mess. A creative mess =) Heehee. 
     My New Year's resolution is to do better with my etsy shop. I only have four items right now, and they all need a little bit of help. Pretty much my goal is to get a new name, a banner, and one to two pages worth of awesome stuff (and good photos)  ...  all by January first. Which maybe makes it a December resolution. ;)
     This is a bow necklace, made from a strip torn off of a vintage handkerchief. Don't worry, the hanky already had a hole, so its mutilation isn't entirely my fault. =) Mom says that I hope everything has a hole in it, just so I can cut it up.

     These are my maps and globes. Like them? Maps are another thing I cut up , but I use them whole too. ;)
     Today is the homeschool group Christmas party. We're bringing stuff to make homemade snow-
globes, and some yummy treats to eat. We have lots and lots of silver glitter and parmesan jars, and also some jars that a friend from church gave us. Let it glitter! (And I claim all leftover jars!) :)

     Someone please tell me that I'm awesome. *pouty face* Sam told me I needed a lot of practice when it comes to awesomeness. He was mostly teasing, but I still need somebody to admire me. The boys don't appreciate creative messes and lovely necklaces. :(  Of course... I don't exactly expect them too, but... you know. :)


  1. U deff. are!!
    I wish I was as determined as you, I would die if I had to do chemisrty. Lol. Thats a great december resolution!! I need to do some work on my Etsy as well, I have some stuff I need to finish up and get "good" pictures of too ;)

    You did a great job on the necklace! its soo cute (:

  2. ps, I can't believe you have that much snow!! we have none, well, hardly any, just some in corners here and there :p i want a white Christmas this year!! ^_^

  3. Oh Lou! I do love you! You do not lack in so many things. . . Sam is just jealous of your creativity :) I sure hope it snows when we are home on the farm. Just know Carolyn and I will always think you are great!!

  4. I hope it does snow! Then we can go sledding! :D And it is very nice to know that people like you and Carolyn and my friend Jana appreciate me. I wish I could live near all of you though!

    p.s. It isn't even two weeks before we see you!

  5. I think you're so great that I intend to kidnap you for a week to help me decorate when Chuck buys my house :) no boys allowed!

  6. You are awesome! Always have been and always will be. All the little girls we know admire and love you! :)