~ I'm not being random ~

~ Unoriginal people are hilarious. I know it's backwards to laugh at the normal people, but sometimes they're just too funny ~

~ I sincerely hope that while I was memorizing the periodic table my brain was only stretched, and not permanently damaged ~

~ Do brains ever get stretch-marks? ~

~ Dogs don't mind if you call them bad names, as long as you love them. Brothers don't work the same way ~

~ I'm definitely going to stop procrastinating tomorrow ~

~ Teenagers are annoying and immature. Sometimes I can't stand being one ~

~ Einstein has an element named after him, and the molar mass of hydrogen gas is 2.02 g/moles. Somehow I never wanted to know that ~

~ Fresh avocados and corn chips are DE-licious! <3 ~

~ I like to eat crunchy things while I'm studying. Usually corn chips. With avocados :) ~

~ I miss living in the hills. It is so uninteresting to live where it's flat ~

~ I am DONE with Composition I *Score* I hate having to learn a subject you love from a rotten teacher. :( ~

~ Tomorrow is my Chemistry final. I think I'll die ~

~ Life would be more dramatic and interesting if people could die whenever they wanted to. Multiple times. ~


  1. HAHAHAHAHA!! Omigosh, yur hilarious. The last one made me laugh hardest but they were all amazing. I wish I was that witty ;)

  2. ok, so I TOTALLY already commented here, lol. wonder what happened! :)
    I love all the quotes. I wish I were as witty as you!

  3. Lol! I know... I wondered what happened. :P

  4. Oh. I just figured it out. For some reason my blog marked it as spam. :-/ I unmarked it. :)