Christmas Number One

     I think the little boys were almost popping when I woke up this morning. As soon as I was awake, they wanted to open their presents, but they agreed to let me get dressed first. They waited on the stairway, and yelled false alarms every time I walked from my bedroom to the bathroom. I guess I'm a real slowpoke.
      The favorite presents were the remote-controlled helicopters. Er... the boy's favorites that is. :-/  They each got one, and Dad and Sam got air-soft guns too. Jason gave me a big bag of seashells, and Sam gave me a bag of postage stamps. (guess what I'm doing with them?) Ben got Piper and Pookie rawhide balls.
     After presents we cracked pecans, and then we had our Christmas dinner. Or lunch. Whatever. =)
Pecans! Yummmm

     Our Christmas dinner was pretty much amazing. We had ham, mashed potatoes, asparagus, homemade crescent rolls... <3

      After we ate we played a game of croquet in the backyard. It was warm enough that we barely needed coats.
     And after that? We flew helicopters and avoided helicopters. 

     Merry Christmas! (Sorta early) ;-)


  1. AWE! U lucky dog, I keep telling mom we should do our christmas tomorrow morning cos we have other things going on next Sunday :\ lol. glad u had a good (early) x-mas morning!

  2. ;) That sounds like so much fun!!!! :) And that's really weird because we had like the EXACT same thing for our "Christmas dinner" as you guys did!! Mashed potatoes, ham, asparagus and rolls!! lol... we also had sweet potatoes (blech! :P) and black cherry jello w/ real black cherries and whipped topping! YUM!! ;) Merry Christmas/Happy New Year!

  3. Lol! Merry Christmas Rene! :D