I have a million and one projects right now, and a million and two ideas. =) These are just a few of them....

1) My blog! I want to learn more about customizing my blog design, and I want to design my own background and header. Which could prove difficult. :-/
I also want to blog more often, and about more things. I particularly want more posts under the “Books” and “Random Thoughts” categories. I’m also semi-considering a “Writing” category, but....eesh. I’m not sure I’m quite as brave as my friend Nonii . =)

2) Etsy. I’ve definitely mentioned this before. Right now I need to design a banner for my shop, and build up a decent profile. I now have ten items in my shop, and more coming! My photography skills need a wee bit of work though. :-/

3) Music. I’ve worked on and off with the guitar, but I haven’t gotten very far. Right now I’m kind of stuck on chords, but I’m hoping I’ll have the perseverance to do some practicing. =) Once school starts up again, I’ll be practicing piano (again) too. On top of all of that, I kind of want to learn some new folk songs...

4) Hair and Makeup. Um yeah... neither of those have really been my thing, but I’m trying to pick up just a little bit. My Aunt Shayna gave me a lesson in makeup, and I discovered that I love concealer. I’ve also done some experimenting with my hair, which is a lot harder than it sounds, seeing as my hair is past my waist. So far my best hairdo looked like Princess Leia from Star Wars. Haha. Imagine wearing that to the grocery store.

5) Driving. We bought a minivan, and now I have to learn to drive it. I’m excited to get a permit, but I’m not excited about having to drive a car for the first time ever. Talk about the hugest thing I’ve ever done. :p

6) Books. I want to keep reading good books, and I want to read books that stretch me a little. I also want more practice writing book reviews. Book reviews are really boring to write, but in the long run it will be a useful talent. 

7) Quilt. Eeek. I’m starting to get nervous about it.

8) Little Jobs. Mom and Dad are going to pay me a little bit to refinish the piano bench. It’s also likely that I’ll end up painting cabinets and walls. (maybe not so little)

9) Dollhouse. Some of you know that I have always wanted to design and build my own dollhouse. I’m hoping that’s something that will happen once the shop/garage is cleaned out.

10) Cooking. I can make chili and potato soup and french bread, but I’m ready to expand on that. I want to learn how to cook chicken and roast, and I want to make a rainbow cake. Maybe I could even learn to grill. Meat, not rainbow cake. =) I’m also considering the possibility that Sam and I will have to take a lunch to school next semester. It could be an interesting challenge to think of cold lunches (other than sandwiches).

Wow. That was really, really long. I hope I didn’t put you guys to sleep. Look at it this way, though. You may have just wasted a lot of time reading that, but now you know what the next blog posts are about.


Christmas Number One

     I think the little boys were almost popping when I woke up this morning. As soon as I was awake, they wanted to open their presents, but they agreed to let me get dressed first. They waited on the stairway, and yelled false alarms every time I walked from my bedroom to the bathroom. I guess I'm a real slowpoke.
      The favorite presents were the remote-controlled helicopters. Er... the boy's favorites that is. :-/  They each got one, and Dad and Sam got air-soft guns too. Jason gave me a big bag of seashells, and Sam gave me a bag of postage stamps. (guess what I'm doing with them?) Ben got Piper and Pookie rawhide balls.
     After presents we cracked pecans, and then we had our Christmas dinner. Or lunch. Whatever. =)
Pecans! Yummmm

     Our Christmas dinner was pretty much amazing. We had ham, mashed potatoes, asparagus, homemade crescent rolls... <3

      After we ate we played a game of croquet in the backyard. It was warm enough that we barely needed coats.
     And after that? We flew helicopters and avoided helicopters. 

     Merry Christmas! (Sorta early) ;-)


Tulip Necklace

     This is what I made today. <3 Vacation is lovely. We've made cookies and candy, and I've slept in every day. =) Oh, and I just remembered... we got a piano! It's a beautiful old player piano that was made in the 1920s. Maybe I'll get a pic of it tomorrow. =) The player mechanism just needs a chain in order to run, and the boys have been cranking it by hand. Tomorrow we're going to have "our" Christmas, just our family, and on Monday we're headed up to Illinois. Cannot wait to see all my favorite people! <3
     Btw, I've been working on my Etsy resolution, and I have quite a few new items in my shop! http://www.etsy.com/shop/LidjaLouise?ref=si_shop



     Well. We are officially done with this semester. *Pause for deep sense of accomplishment* I am so glad to be done. Finals were horrible, but I made it through. I think the most frustrating part was the fact that Sam enjoyed them. Lol! He is one weird kid. :-/
     Yesterday when I came home from the Chemistry final, Mom and I stayed in bed and watched All Creatures Great and Small for a looong time. After that I cleaned my room. Sounds mundane, but that is an enormous undertaking. Gi-normous undertaking. But my craft table is actually clear now, and I have my stuff put away in all those lovely glass jars. (I stole the leftover jars from the snow-globe project.) =)
      Today I slept in, which was lovely. Then I painted my nails sparkly, which is rather unusual for me, but I felt like it. Now all I have to do is put my nice clean room to use. I should start working on my quilt, but I suddenly feel very daunted by the thought. :-/  I still need white fabric, anyway, so right now I am making rings and earrings and other fun stuff.
      I love these earrings so much, I think I'll keep them for myself. :)
     Most of these postage stamp rings are for my Etsy shop, as part of my December Resolution. ;)
      And this is my eight dollar find from a thrift store in Memphis. The color has to change soon, but otherwise I love how it looks next to my bed.
     Well, I'm off to read a book or do something amazing. ;) And I think I'll change my blog font so my winking faces don't have wimpy curled eyelashes.


~ I'm not being random ~

~ Unoriginal people are hilarious. I know it's backwards to laugh at the normal people, but sometimes they're just too funny ~

~ I sincerely hope that while I was memorizing the periodic table my brain was only stretched, and not permanently damaged ~

~ Do brains ever get stretch-marks? ~

~ Dogs don't mind if you call them bad names, as long as you love them. Brothers don't work the same way ~

~ I'm definitely going to stop procrastinating tomorrow ~

~ Teenagers are annoying and immature. Sometimes I can't stand being one ~

~ Einstein has an element named after him, and the molar mass of hydrogen gas is 2.02 g/moles. Somehow I never wanted to know that ~

~ Fresh avocados and corn chips are DE-licious! <3 ~

~ I like to eat crunchy things while I'm studying. Usually corn chips. With avocados :) ~

~ I miss living in the hills. It is so uninteresting to live where it's flat ~

~ I am DONE with Composition I *Score* I hate having to learn a subject you love from a rotten teacher. :( ~

~ Tomorrow is my Chemistry final. I think I'll die ~

~ Life would be more dramatic and interesting if people could die whenever they wanted to. Multiple times. ~


Let it glitter! (or snow)

     We woke up to snow this morning. :) I can't believe that Christmas is almost here. And winter IS here! I am finally done with my Chemistry take-home test. That thing was horrid. Now I have to write a four-page essay. :( I am really ready to have a break from school! Fortunately we get a month off for Christmas and New Years, and then I think I'll be ready to start up again.
     Last night we played a long card game of hand and foot. I let Jason mess around with my Playlist and make his own list. He decided he likes Star Wars music, John Phillip Sousa, and Alvin and the Chipmunks. Lol! Try loudly humming Sousa and then switch to Christmas songs in a chipmunk voice. The effect is interesting. :p 
     My room is a mess. A creative mess =) Heehee. 
     My New Year's resolution is to do better with my etsy shop. I only have four items right now, and they all need a little bit of help. Pretty much my goal is to get a new name, a banner, and one to two pages worth of awesome stuff (and good photos)  ...  all by January first. Which maybe makes it a December resolution. ;)
     This is a bow necklace, made from a strip torn off of a vintage handkerchief. Don't worry, the hanky already had a hole, so its mutilation isn't entirely my fault. =) Mom says that I hope everything has a hole in it, just so I can cut it up.

     These are my maps and globes. Like them? Maps are another thing I cut up , but I use them whole too. ;)
     Today is the homeschool group Christmas party. We're bringing stuff to make homemade snow-
globes, and some yummy treats to eat. We have lots and lots of silver glitter and parmesan jars, and also some jars that a friend from church gave us. Let it glitter! (And I claim all leftover jars!) :)

     Someone please tell me that I'm awesome. *pouty face* Sam told me I needed a lot of practice when it comes to awesomeness. He was mostly teasing, but I still need somebody to admire me. The boys don't appreciate creative messes and lovely necklaces. :(  Of course... I don't exactly expect them too, but... you know. :)


Being creative..

      Why is it that I feel so creative right when I have to study for Chemistry finals! Augh! Maybe the secret to having a successful creative life is having lots of obligations that you hate. :p