Snooooooooow =)

      It's snowing! I can't really believe it, but that's definitely snow. Today I spent all morning doing Chemistry, and memorizing the periodic table. Jealous? You should be. :-/
     I took a break from Rubidium, Carbon and Yttrium (whoever named Yttrium needs their head examined!) and I had some creative time. :)

     I worked on some earrings, which I can't share because they're Christmas presents ;) and I made this necklace out of metal findings, cardboard, and an illustration from an old children's book.
     I was halfway doubtful about making a necklace out of cardboard, but I think it worked out. =)


  1. How can you possibly be getting that much snow already!?!?!? *Jealous!!* Lol
    Oh, and I'm not all that jealous of your chemistry assignment...but only cuz I'm doing the same thing!! :D haha...
    I love your necklace!!

  2. Thanks :) I don't know how on earth we got snow in November! We only got one to two inches, and it all melted the next day though. :(
    Haha! I know, chemistry rocks. :p