Feeling blarghish

All Creatures Great and Small - both the books and the show are rather comforting when you're sick. =)
      Eeesh. :-/  I'm feeling pretty miserable right now. We've all got a nasty cold, and it is NOT fun. I didn't really sleep last night, and in the morning I felt so miserable that I skipped classes. Chemistry class was cancelled though, and Sam handed in my Composition paper for me, so it worked out fine.
     We've pretty much spent all day reading, eating, and watching lots of netflix! I've also spent way too much time on Pinterest and Goodreads. I really hope we all feel better by Thanksgiving. :-/  Enough of my woeful tale of kleenexs though. Below are some of my favorite pins of the day. And yes, I'm a bit of a book nerd. :) 
Does anyone else think that this looks AMAZING!?
I kind of adore this. :)
     Anyhow, it's time for me to get off to bed. Maybe we'll all feel a little better in the morning. Cozy socks and blankets are all very comforting, and so is All Creatures Great and Small; but I could do without the runny nose and headache that comes with them. :-/


  1. those pix r awesome! hope u get to feeling better!! btw, the blog background is AMAZING!!! xD

  2. Thanks! I sooo want to be in that library, and I can definitely see making that sign. =) I'm already feeling a little bit better. :)

  3. I like all creatures great and small too :) feel better!

  4. Hey, hope you're all feeling betteR!!!! Happy Thanksgiving!
    Love those pix btw...