I obviously took a holiday break from blogging. :) Thanksgiving was wonderful, and I got to spend time with lots and lots of my favorite people. As you can see, I also did some work on my fabric-collecting project. <3 I only need one or two more patterns, and then I'm almost ready to start my quilt! I'll probably have to wait until Christmas break to actually start, though. We are going to be very, very busy, especially this week. Hopefully we'll be closing on our little country house, so there will be lots of hard work, paperwork, and appointments for that. In addition, Sam and I need to start getting ready for our finals. I pretty much need to memorize the whole periodic table for some extra credit, and we'll get a take-home test this week for Chemistry. I'm almost ready for the piano final/jury thingy, and there's not really any way to study for the Composition final, but Chemistry is going to require a LOT of work. On top of all that, it's pretty much the Christmas season! So we have to squeeze some candy and cookies and Christmas joy in too. :) Right now I'm listening to old Christmas music (Ella Fitzgerald, Bing Crosby...) and Mom bought lots of poinsettias and wreaths to decorate with. So... yes. I'm verrrry busy.


  1. Sounds like you've been having funfun! xD sides the chemistry, doh ;)

  2. Do you guys have a Christmas tree? Or are we the only Morrises who do that? ;)