The Inheritance

     The Inheritance was written by Louisa May Alcott when she was seventeen, and is believed to be the first book she wrote. It was interesting to read the book in light of that, but if it had been anyone else's book, I probably wouldn't have read past the second page. It was overly sentimental, and you could always guess what was coming next. The heroine was the good and pious type that I can't stand. She also cried a lot. There's a reason the book wasn't ever published. Still, I'm glad that Louisa May Alcott persisted and wrote Little Women, Eight Cousins, and all my other favorites. :) Perhaps she realized that she wasn't a Jane Austen. She did much better with what she knew personally.

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  1. LOL! So i guess she got better with practice...? :) That's pretty cool though! :) p.s. sorry i haven't checked your blog in a while! You have been very busy!!! :) keep it up!! I love your posts!! :)