A no good rotten day.

       Wow. I haven't had such a bad day in years! Really nothing that bad happened, but I was a little depressed, and very grouchy when I woke up. Everything was starting to be a little bit better, and I was having fun messing with my blog (btw, do you like the new stuff in the sidebar?) Then all of a sudden my blog disappeared. It was DELETED!!!! That's what it said! Every time I tried to get it, it said "sorry, this blog has been deleted." I was very, very, very upset. :(  So I cried. And cried. Really I did. But then Mom and Dad came home and my wonderful talented dad fixed it for me. Yay!  Also my Mom got some caramel candy bars on sale, which helped too. :) I'm immensely relieved. And now my blog is backed up! I really that will NEVER happen again. *Sigh* So yeah...  it's been a traumatic day for me. lol. The neighbor kids came over and played games with us on the trampoline, which was lots of fun (not traumatic or depressing) ;)  and now we're getting ready to eat. After that, our homeschool group is having an outdoor movie, with popcorn and candy. I think I might be recovered by then. Lol!
P.S. Are you wondering what the maps are? Hehe. I accidentally told you about my bad day instead. Yesterday we went to Memphis, and I got a huge World Atlas at a thrift store. Aren't the maps lovely? I'm going to use them for.... projects. Haha. Maybe you will see some of them later. :)


  1. Those maps are awesome!!

  2. I know! I actually have two world atlases, and I have a TON of ideas for the maps! =)