Thrift-store finds

     Today's topic is.... thrift shopping! On the way to Illinois (and the way back, and in between!) ;)  we went thrift store shopping. =) I found this bracelet (97 cents)
      These cute tin plates...

      This little china plate...
     An Agatha Christie book...
     And a guitar! It doesn't have strings, but that can be fixed. I can't play it either, but maybe that could be fixed too?
     I also got a new camera. Hurray! I really badly needed one. :p So anyway.... yeah. Lol. So far today I've gone to classes at ANC, read some of my Sonlight, and wasted time. Tonight we're having a family over for supper... they have six little kids. Tomorrow we're having an enormous homeschool book swap event, so we're getting ready for that too. I'm making layered jell-o for tomorrow, and I've got to get my room clean, and help Mom set the tables and make food for tongiht. So I should be going! More later... =)

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