Book Swap Day!

     So. I've had a very, very busy day. Lol! Today we hosted a homeschool book-swap/ game day. I think somewhere between twenty-five and thirty kids came, including their moms. I don't know how many books we had, but some people brought up to thirty, so it was a LOT.
     We spent the morning putting up balloons, setting up tables, and getting everything ready. Everyone arrived a little after 12:30.
     This was my little table where I counted books and tickets and kept track of things. The rules were pretty simple: I gave people a ticket for each book they brought, and they exchanged tickets for the books they wanted. (one ticket = one book)
Jason made his own Book Swap sign.
     We started off with a picnic. Everyone brought their own sandwiches, and also some snacks to share. We had popcorn, soda, cookies, layered jello, and all kinds of good stuff!
Food table :)
     It was a lot of work counting books, and there were several boxes besides what was on the table. It was pretty sweet. :) I got three or four books for myself, and spent the rest of the time collecting tickets. And I took pictures. :) My friend/next-door neighbor kept me company, but she wouldn't let me take her picture. That's okay though, you'll notice there's no pictures of me. (hahaha) =)
     They played some games.. kickball, etc. and also did some races. All the little kids loved our mulberry tree. (which actually is pretty cool)
     At different times, there was probably nine or ten kids all in the tree. =)

This is my little friend Lydia. It's special cuz we have the same name. ;)
Sam being Sam
My friend Hannah, and her uh... pet dragon, Scales. (!) :-)
Ben, Sam, Scales, and random little kids in the tree.
     It was all a lot of fun. It was very busy, and I was glad when it was over, but I really did have fun. Piper and Pookie stayed in their little kennel/pet carriers, but we let them out on their leash for a while. I was pretty pleased, because they behaved very well; and there were some little girls who loved them, and thought they were the coolest dogs ever. (They were pretty awesome little girls. Usually little kids are scared to death of my big, black doggie.) =)
     Hannah stayed a little later than the others, and we finished the day off with go-cart rides. We switched drivers and riders and had a blast. It was pretty hilarious. =)
     Now that everyone has gone home, Mom and Dad went out to eat (one of their motorcycle dates hehehe) Lol! =) The boys and I had chicken nuggets, soft pretzels, layered jello and flat soda pop for supper. I think we're going to watch some Andy Griffith, and maybe I'll settle down to some new books! :-)  Toodles!


  1. Oh my gosh!! that sounds like SOOO MUCH FUN!!! :) We NEVER get together w/ homeschoolers anymore :( glad you guys had a ton of fun!! :)

  2. That was a fun day:) I'm slowly learning to be ok with people taking my picture:) haha:)