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Random picture. =)
     Once again I am turribly busy. Or maybe I should say I still am. Mostly I've been doing school  (Bold, underlined, and italic-ed!) Lol! Actually italic-ed isn't a word and neither is turribly, but yeah. You get the idea.  :-/
     One exciting thing, that I haven't mentioned yet ... I finally found a bed! I've been making do with one half of an old wooden bunk-bed, but I now own a full-size rusty metal bed frame! =) I have to sand it, or I guess scrub it (?) since I'll be using steel-wool, and then I'm going to spray paint it yellow! It's going to be fuuuun! =) Of course, my current wall color won't match the bed, but that's okay, because I never really wanted to keep that color anyway. So I'm hoping to paint the bedroom white, and make some yellow curtains. Also I want to make a quilt. And maybe a rug. And I would really like to get some framed stuff up on the wall. And maybe I'll spray paint some other stuff yellow while I'm at it. Lol! You're probably guessing by now that my future posts will be about spray-paint and redecorating. And you're probably right. But we'll both have to wait until I'm done with chemistry! :p Ugh-ishness.
     But anyway, between now and then you can check out my two favorite internet addictions (besides Facebook) =) The first is an amazing site called Pinterest ^_^  I love it. It's sort of like an online bulletin board, and you can "pin" photographs and images from all your favorite websites and blogs. It's a great place to find ideas! (and waste time) You can find my boards and pins here. =)
     My other favorite place is called Goodreads, and it's very useful to keep track of books you've read, are reading, and want to read. This is me, right here.
     I'm now off to clean up my stuff, and maybe practice the piano! :-/ Hopefully I will be back very soon. See you around! =)

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