Composition, Cousins, and Chitengis

Random paper-quilling creation by me. :)
     I have been really busy lately. Really, really busy! Lol. And it makes me sad that I haven't kept up with my blog, so I will now try and give you a brief post on what we have been up to. :)
     First of all, Sam and I have been taking some classes at ANC (the community college Dad works for.) And yes, we are just a wee bit younger than the average student, but we get to go for free (one of Dad's job perks) and it helps us a lot with getting all the science we need. We are taking Survey of Chemistry, and Composition I, both on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We also get to take piano lessons from Mr. Hay again, but this time we're taking individual lessons, rather than a group class. So anyhow, that's the main reason we're so busy. It should be less busy and stressful once we get used to it all.
     Sam and I have also been able to go to youth group with our next-door neighbors, which gives us a chance to be around other kids, and has been working out pretty well. :)
     This weekend we went up to Illinois for Labor Day weekend. We didn't get to spend much time with Grandma Wildermuth, but ALL of the Morris family was home, which was pretty awesome. All together we're eighteen people (I think!) Grandma and Grandpa, six uncles, two aunts, and two cousins, plus us! :) We got to see our two uncles who live in Colorado, and we got to see Aunt Carolyn, who has been in Zambia all summer. She had lots of stories, pictures, and a few presents! :) In fact, we got to hear Zambia stories from everybody, because my grandparents and six of the boys (including Dad) spent four years as missionaries there.
     Carolyn brought the boys knives and slingshots, and little clay water buffaloes that a little Zambian boy had made specifically for her to give to her nephews. :) And I got a cool bag, and a chitengi, which is a piece of cloth that they wrap around and use for a skirt. I haven't quite perfected my chitengi-wrapping skills, so I'm not sure it's safe to actually wear mine yet. :p Lol!
This is the chitengi pattern. I love it. :)
      So anyway, we had a great weekend with our family, and fun playing with our adorable little cousins. Josh is my buddy. :)
     And that's it! I think I'll do a post on my thrift store finds later (it will be a long one) =)  But for now, TTFN! (ta-ta for now!)

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