A no good rotten day.

       Wow. I haven't had such a bad day in years! Really nothing that bad happened, but I was a little depressed, and very grouchy when I woke up. Everything was starting to be a little bit better, and I was having fun messing with my blog (btw, do you like the new stuff in the sidebar?) Then all of a sudden my blog disappeared. It was DELETED!!!! That's what it said! Every time I tried to get it, it said "sorry, this blog has been deleted." I was very, very, very upset. :(  So I cried. And cried. Really I did. But then Mom and Dad came home and my wonderful talented dad fixed it for me. Yay!  Also my Mom got some caramel candy bars on sale, which helped too. :) I'm immensely relieved. And now my blog is backed up! I really that will NEVER happen again. *Sigh* So yeah...  it's been a traumatic day for me. lol. The neighbor kids came over and played games with us on the trampoline, which was lots of fun (not traumatic or depressing) ;)  and now we're getting ready to eat. After that, our homeschool group is having an outdoor movie, with popcorn and candy. I think I might be recovered by then. Lol!
P.S. Are you wondering what the maps are? Hehe. I accidentally told you about my bad day instead. Yesterday we went to Memphis, and I got a huge World Atlas at a thrift store. Aren't the maps lovely? I'm going to use them for.... projects. Haha. Maybe you will see some of them later. :)


If you notice anything weird going on with the background and stuff, it's just because I'm messing with it. It'll be normal soon :D


Vintage sewing patterns...

     There's a thrift store in our town that you can buy vintage patterns at for ten cents each! I bought twenty-one. Lol! I have an excuse though, because I found this wonderful  idea. I'm going to use it for wall art. =) And I probably will use them for other stuff too. They could be great for decoupage, and some of them would make amazing paper dolls...



Short, quick post

Random picture. =)
     Once again I am turribly busy. Or maybe I should say I still am. Mostly I've been doing school  (Bold, underlined, and italic-ed!) Lol! Actually italic-ed isn't a word and neither is turribly, but yeah. You get the idea.  :-/
     One exciting thing, that I haven't mentioned yet ... I finally found a bed! I've been making do with one half of an old wooden bunk-bed, but I now own a full-size rusty metal bed frame! =) I have to sand it, or I guess scrub it (?) since I'll be using steel-wool, and then I'm going to spray paint it yellow! It's going to be fuuuun! =) Of course, my current wall color won't match the bed, but that's okay, because I never really wanted to keep that color anyway. So I'm hoping to paint the bedroom white, and make some yellow curtains. Also I want to make a quilt. And maybe a rug. And I would really like to get some framed stuff up on the wall. And maybe I'll spray paint some other stuff yellow while I'm at it. Lol! You're probably guessing by now that my future posts will be about spray-paint and redecorating. And you're probably right. But we'll both have to wait until I'm done with chemistry! :p Ugh-ishness.
     But anyway, between now and then you can check out my two favorite internet addictions (besides Facebook) =) The first is an amazing site called Pinterest ^_^  I love it. It's sort of like an online bulletin board, and you can "pin" photographs and images from all your favorite websites and blogs. It's a great place to find ideas! (and waste time) You can find my boards and pins here. =)
     My other favorite place is called Goodreads, and it's very useful to keep track of books you've read, are reading, and want to read. This is me, right here.
     I'm now off to clean up my stuff, and maybe practice the piano! :-/ Hopefully I will be back very soon. See you around! =)


Flying : )

     We went flying today! Mom's friend Rhoda wanted to go up, and all of the kids got some short rides too. :) I haven't been flying in forever, seems like.
     This is Tweety Bird, which is actually my Uncle David's airplane. It's a Cessna 150, and came with a Tweety Bird painted on the tail, which would explain it's nickname! 
     It was kind of bumpy. I got a little queasy :p
     Our house is the one right there ^  with the rectangle fence and round swimming pool. Lol! Next door is the Stamps' house with a camper and an oval pool. :)


Book Swap Day!

     So. I've had a very, very busy day. Lol! Today we hosted a homeschool book-swap/ game day. I think somewhere between twenty-five and thirty kids came, including their moms. I don't know how many books we had, but some people brought up to thirty, so it was a LOT.
     We spent the morning putting up balloons, setting up tables, and getting everything ready. Everyone arrived a little after 12:30.
     This was my little table where I counted books and tickets and kept track of things. The rules were pretty simple: I gave people a ticket for each book they brought, and they exchanged tickets for the books they wanted. (one ticket = one book)
Jason made his own Book Swap sign.
     We started off with a picnic. Everyone brought their own sandwiches, and also some snacks to share. We had popcorn, soda, cookies, layered jello, and all kinds of good stuff!
Food table :)
     It was a lot of work counting books, and there were several boxes besides what was on the table. It was pretty sweet. :) I got three or four books for myself, and spent the rest of the time collecting tickets. And I took pictures. :) My friend/next-door neighbor kept me company, but she wouldn't let me take her picture. That's okay though, you'll notice there's no pictures of me. (hahaha) =)
     They played some games.. kickball, etc. and also did some races. All the little kids loved our mulberry tree. (which actually is pretty cool)
     At different times, there was probably nine or ten kids all in the tree. =)

This is my little friend Lydia. It's special cuz we have the same name. ;)
Sam being Sam
My friend Hannah, and her uh... pet dragon, Scales. (!) :-)
Ben, Sam, Scales, and random little kids in the tree.
     It was all a lot of fun. It was very busy, and I was glad when it was over, but I really did have fun. Piper and Pookie stayed in their little kennel/pet carriers, but we let them out on their leash for a while. I was pretty pleased, because they behaved very well; and there were some little girls who loved them, and thought they were the coolest dogs ever. (They were pretty awesome little girls. Usually little kids are scared to death of my big, black doggie.) =)
     Hannah stayed a little later than the others, and we finished the day off with go-cart rides. We switched drivers and riders and had a blast. It was pretty hilarious. =)
     Now that everyone has gone home, Mom and Dad went out to eat (one of their motorcycle dates hehehe) Lol! =) The boys and I had chicken nuggets, soft pretzels, layered jello and flat soda pop for supper. I think we're going to watch some Andy Griffith, and maybe I'll settle down to some new books! :-)  Toodles!


Thrift-store finds

     Today's topic is.... thrift shopping! On the way to Illinois (and the way back, and in between!) ;)  we went thrift store shopping. =) I found this bracelet (97 cents)
      These cute tin plates...

      This little china plate...
     An Agatha Christie book...
     And a guitar! It doesn't have strings, but that can be fixed. I can't play it either, but maybe that could be fixed too?
     I also got a new camera. Hurray! I really badly needed one. :p So anyway.... yeah. Lol. So far today I've gone to classes at ANC, read some of my Sonlight, and wasted time. Tonight we're having a family over for supper... they have six little kids. Tomorrow we're having an enormous homeschool book swap event, so we're getting ready for that too. I'm making layered jell-o for tomorrow, and I've got to get my room clean, and help Mom set the tables and make food for tongiht. So I should be going! More later... =)


Composition, Cousins, and Chitengis

Random paper-quilling creation by me. :)
     I have been really busy lately. Really, really busy! Lol. And it makes me sad that I haven't kept up with my blog, so I will now try and give you a brief post on what we have been up to. :)
     First of all, Sam and I have been taking some classes at ANC (the community college Dad works for.) And yes, we are just a wee bit younger than the average student, but we get to go for free (one of Dad's job perks) and it helps us a lot with getting all the science we need. We are taking Survey of Chemistry, and Composition I, both on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We also get to take piano lessons from Mr. Hay again, but this time we're taking individual lessons, rather than a group class. So anyhow, that's the main reason we're so busy. It should be less busy and stressful once we get used to it all.
     Sam and I have also been able to go to youth group with our next-door neighbors, which gives us a chance to be around other kids, and has been working out pretty well. :)
     This weekend we went up to Illinois for Labor Day weekend. We didn't get to spend much time with Grandma Wildermuth, but ALL of the Morris family was home, which was pretty awesome. All together we're eighteen people (I think!) Grandma and Grandpa, six uncles, two aunts, and two cousins, plus us! :) We got to see our two uncles who live in Colorado, and we got to see Aunt Carolyn, who has been in Zambia all summer. She had lots of stories, pictures, and a few presents! :) In fact, we got to hear Zambia stories from everybody, because my grandparents and six of the boys (including Dad) spent four years as missionaries there.
     Carolyn brought the boys knives and slingshots, and little clay water buffaloes that a little Zambian boy had made specifically for her to give to her nephews. :) And I got a cool bag, and a chitengi, which is a piece of cloth that they wrap around and use for a skirt. I haven't quite perfected my chitengi-wrapping skills, so I'm not sure it's safe to actually wear mine yet. :p Lol!
This is the chitengi pattern. I love it. :)
      So anyway, we had a great weekend with our family, and fun playing with our adorable little cousins. Josh is my buddy. :)
     And that's it! I think I'll do a post on my thrift store finds later (it will be a long one) =)  But for now, TTFN! (ta-ta for now!)