Today we......

      went to Kentucky to visit Uncle Howard and Aunt Carolyn (Grandma's brother and his wife) It was about a two hour drive, and when we got there we had yummy pork sandwiches and enjoyed their amazing garden. The boys caught this little rabbit almost as soon as we got there. Poor thing. Lol!
     On the way home we went to Reelfoot Lake just to walk around and see the cypress trees. In a way it was more Reelfoot Swamp! Lol. We stopped in at the visitor's center, where they had a snake room (!) They also had five or six live bald eagles, and several owls or hawks, which was quite interesting.

A random pic of posts in the water. Imagine that they have stripes, and there's a gondola floating through. Lol. =)
Grandpa and Ben taking a picture of a praying mantis.

      This was probably the most interesting part. This boardwalk path looped around the edge (part of the edge that is) of the lake, and we got to see the cool cypress trees, and some turtles and egrets and such.
      We decided to take the ferry across the river, which was fun, of course. We had to wait around for ten or fifteen minutes, but it was worth the wait. =)
      Ben and Jason wait for the ferry....

Ben and Jason on the ferry.... =)

       Ben looking over the side....
      My shadow looking over the lake.....

      And now we're home! =)

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