Big old goofies...

     Today we had a storm, so Pookie came and sat in Sam's room, and Piper came and sat with me, while I made a little elephant decoupage box. :)
     That's not a great picture, but you get the idea. Anyway... apparently Ben and Jason brought their cats into Sam's room, and Pookie started licking them. So then they brought them in my room. Unfortunately, Piper is waaay more excitable then Pookie. She behaved pretty well, but she kind of overwhelmed them. Pickles ran away and hid under my bed, and Ben's kitty (who still needs a name)  just sat there and let her nudge him and lick him, and follow him around. She was getting too excited though, and jumping around, so the boys left, and I tried to get her to settle down. That didn't work very well, because Pickles was still under the bed. She tried everything to get him to come out. She tried to crawl under herself, and she stuck her paw under there, and tried to get him out, and finally she just lay down and whined and whined. It was pathetic. Eventually Sam dug him out, and then she dashed after him and tried to lick him and mother him, so I had to kick her outside. Ever since then, Pookie has been chasing Piper all around the yard, and they've been jumping around in their wading pool. They're really big old goofies. Lol.

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