Surviving the Applewhites

     Jake Semple is famous. He smokes, curses, and has spiky hair and a social worker. Rumor has it he burned down his school the day after his parents were jailed for selling marijuana. Ever since then, he's just been traveling around to different foster families, terrorizing different schools, and getting kicked out again. By now, he's pretty much run out of schools that will risk having Jake Semple around. The only place willing to take him is the Applewhites.
     The Applewhites live in the country, and they all go to school at their "Creative Academy" Each child makes his own lesson plan, and teaches himself. The emphasis is on developing your talents. For Hal, that means shutting himself up in the attic and living as a hermit/suffering artist. For Cordelia, that means spending all her time dancing in her studio. In fact, the only person who takes any kind of proper lessons is E.D. and she's not about to welcome a new addition who will interrupt her very organized plan.
     So the question to ask, is... will the Applewhites survive Jake? Or perhaps the better question is .... will Jake survive the Applewhites?

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  1. That sound pretty interesting! ^_^ I wanna read it :D
    ~Jana V.

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