Hemp and sea-glass bracelets...

      A while back I got a kit at Wal-mart on clearance =) because I wanted the sea-glass beads. I wasn't going to make the bracelet, but yesterday I decided it would be fun. I didn't really follow the directions... lol, but I got about the same thing.
      I love it! This is pretty much the only bracelet I own, but that might change. =)
      My first bracelet was kind of twisted, and doesn't stay very flat, but today I made an ankle bracelet and did much better on it. The technique was super easy, and I think you could use it for all kinds of things... rings, necklaces, maybe even earrings! =) I also think I could make some really cool beads out of polymer clay. Which would be convenient, because I'm almost out of glass ones!
      P.S. it's surprisingly hard to take a flattering picture of an ankle bracelet. Lol! Just saying.... =)

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