Garage-sale finds!

      Well! I've been kinda busy. =) We started school this week. So far I'm only doing math and Sonlight, but I have to start writing, and all of that next week. In a way, it's sad that the summer's over, but on the other hand, I was getting kind of bored!
     Yesterday I worked on scraping wallpaper off our upstairs bathroom. I don't know who invented wallpaper, but it's never been anything but trouble for me. :p Lol. I think we're going to paint it yellow, which is going to be beautiful. Most importantly, we're going to get towel hooks, so we don't have any more giant piles of wet towels. :)
       Today is Saturday, of course (Hurray!) and it's already been a good one. We had a great time garage-saling, and found some really cool stuff we didn't need. Lol! I did get three pairs of very nice shorts though, which I'm happy about. And as for the stuff we didn't need, that's more interesting. =)
      I got a comic-strip umbrella! Lol. It was broken, but I got it for free. And supposedly Sam or David is going to fix it for me :)
      I also got a little teddy-bear jar to put my paintbrushes in....

      And I got this cool bowl! So overall, it was a very good garage-sale trip. =) Oh, and I got a very ugly hat-box too, that should make a good project some time!


  1. Nonni said... ;)

    Dude!! I *love* THAT BOWL!!!!! Its gorgeous! ^_^ Oh, and that jar is adorable. =) can't wait to come over and see you house and meet the kitties! xD see u in..um..like 50 hours? LOL. :p

  2. I know! :D Isn't there a similar one that's green and pink at your house? Maybe not, but I'm pretty sure I've seen another one somewhere...
    And yes, I'm excited for you to come too! I have some good books to loan you. =)

  3. Books?1 YAY!!! xD Yes, mom has one that is like that too..I like yurs better tho lol. :-)