Decoupage Hat-box Project

      This is the hatbox I mentioned buying for twenty-five cents at a garage-sale yesterday. It's super ugly, right? Not for long!
      At the same garage sale we also bought some old children's books. Mom said I could have this one for my project. =)
      First I traced the lid onto the illustrations I wanted, and cut out the circle, and I also painted the box white. I painted myself white too, on accident. I'm kind of messy with glue and paint. =)
     And yes, there were a few steps in between this and the last picture, but mostly just measuring, tracing, and pasting things. I thought I'd maybe replace the green string, but it actually looked pretty good. I still have to paint the bottom of the box, and part of the inside (it's still a sickly pink) but otherwise it's done. Isn't it cute? =)
        "The Skunk and the Sea Gull" Lol. It's really a pretty bad story, with very lame rhymes, but it has cute illustrations!
       I also fixed my free cartoon-umbrella. All by myself too! Well, I followed some suggestions, but I'm still proud of me. Lol. I can't do things like that too often though, or Sam will realize I can do things myself! Can't have that, can we? ;)

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