Well. As someone already mentioned, I haven't blogged in four days. But I'm back now. :-) Everything is pretty much the same. David is still here taking flight lessons. It's still summer. We still swim every day. You get the idea.... :-) Last night, however, Grandma and Grandpa Morris, and Uncle Chuck arrived. They're on their Morris family vacation, and they're going to spend a few days with us. Right now everyone is playing Monopoly, but I'm not a fan of Monopoly so I'm making earrings! :-)
Colorfulness =)

Colorfulness made into earrings. =)
Like them?
Blurry photo to give you a vague idea of what they look like. :-) Big, colorful, and fun!

      And now pictures of another colorful subject. Balloon twisting with Uncle David and Grandpa and Grandma's air mattress pump! :D

Jason always has to pose. =)

      Oh! And I made another pair of Book Worm earrings. The other pair didn't last because I tried varnishing the paper. :p Lol!
     And that's it! Maybe I'll go watch the Monopoly game. Then again... maybe not. :-)

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