Blue suitcases and ancient soap...

     Ugh. It feels like I've been away forever! :p This week has been extremely busy, due to school and classes starting. I'm still not caught up with everything. Dad's back is out, and he's not feeling the best, so last night we decided to have a movie night. We made a ton of good food, and watched movies all night, and we also skyped with Aunt Shayna. :) It was a lot of fun, but today we're all tired, and we have to clean house! *sigh*
crackers, cookies, truffles, deviled eggs, fruit, pinwheel tortilla thingies, cheese cubes, rice krispy treats... :)

     Anyhow, on a happier note, Mom went garage-saling earlier today, and brought home something fun for me...
      A blue suitcase! With goodies inside.... :)
      In case you can't tell, it's old handkerchiefs. Lots and lots of them!

       These ones are my favorites. :)

      There was also this lovely old tin can inside, and inside the tin can there's some super ancient soap that makes my nose itch. Lol! Cashmere bouquet and Lily of the Valley.

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