Blanchard Springs Caverns

        Yesterday we went to Blanchard Cave. It was a pretty long trip, and verrry hot. It got up to at least 113 degrees! Grandpa and Grandma's car has an amazing air conditioner though. We ate at a Subway in the middle of nowhere (it was the most crowded Subway I've ever seen! I guess because there was nothing else for miles around.) Once we got there, there was another wait for the tour. So we browsed the gift shop and read the exhibits and were very bored until 3:40. Lol! The temperature in the cave was kind of chilly, but refreshing after 113 degrees. =)
      Above is the big pillar in the middle of the cave, and this is the rock formation they call the battleship.
      Afterwards we went to the springs, and Ben caught a crawdad. =)

     The two ornery ones.... Dad and Ben. =)

       Mom and Dad. =)

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