Open House for Butterflies...

     This little book cracks me up. I've even printed some pages out to pin on my bulletin board. So I thought I would share some of the best quotes with you... :)


Blue suitcases and ancient soap...

     Ugh. It feels like I've been away forever! :p This week has been extremely busy, due to school and classes starting. I'm still not caught up with everything. Dad's back is out, and he's not feeling the best, so last night we decided to have a movie night. We made a ton of good food, and watched movies all night, and we also skyped with Aunt Shayna. :) It was a lot of fun, but today we're all tired, and we have to clean house! *sigh*
crackers, cookies, truffles, deviled eggs, fruit, pinwheel tortilla thingies, cheese cubes, rice krispy treats... :)

     Anyhow, on a happier note, Mom went garage-saling earlier today, and brought home something fun for me...
      A blue suitcase! With goodies inside.... :)
      In case you can't tell, it's old handkerchiefs. Lots and lots of them!

       These ones are my favorites. :)

      There was also this lovely old tin can inside, and inside the tin can there's some super ancient soap that makes my nose itch. Lol! Cashmere bouquet and Lily of the Valley.


Shoebox House

     Today I made a paper house in a shoebox for Jason. :) My favorite part is the raincoat and rubber boots.
Don't look at the white paint on the ceiling. Lol!
Bench with cozy pillows and a teddy bear. Well, maybe paper pillows aren't cozy. But we can pretend they are.

Big old goofies...

     Today we had a storm, so Pookie came and sat in Sam's room, and Piper came and sat with me, while I made a little elephant decoupage box. :)
     That's not a great picture, but you get the idea. Anyway... apparently Ben and Jason brought their cats into Sam's room, and Pookie started licking them. So then they brought them in my room. Unfortunately, Piper is waaay more excitable then Pookie. She behaved pretty well, but she kind of overwhelmed them. Pickles ran away and hid under my bed, and Ben's kitty (who still needs a name)  just sat there and let her nudge him and lick him, and follow him around. She was getting too excited though, and jumping around, so the boys left, and I tried to get her to settle down. That didn't work very well, because Pickles was still under the bed. She tried everything to get him to come out. She tried to crawl under herself, and she stuck her paw under there, and tried to get him out, and finally she just lay down and whined and whined. It was pathetic. Eventually Sam dug him out, and then she dashed after him and tried to lick him and mother him, so I had to kick her outside. Ever since then, Pookie has been chasing Piper all around the yard, and they've been jumping around in their wading pool. They're really big old goofies. Lol.


Surviving the Applewhites

     Jake Semple is famous. He smokes, curses, and has spiky hair and a social worker. Rumor has it he burned down his school the day after his parents were jailed for selling marijuana. Ever since then, he's just been traveling around to different foster families, terrorizing different schools, and getting kicked out again. By now, he's pretty much run out of schools that will risk having Jake Semple around. The only place willing to take him is the Applewhites.
     The Applewhites live in the country, and they all go to school at their "Creative Academy" Each child makes his own lesson plan, and teaches himself. The emphasis is on developing your talents. For Hal, that means shutting himself up in the attic and living as a hermit/suffering artist. For Cordelia, that means spending all her time dancing in her studio. In fact, the only person who takes any kind of proper lessons is E.D. and she's not about to welcome a new addition who will interrupt her very organized plan.
     So the question to ask, is... will the Applewhites survive Jake? Or perhaps the better question is .... will Jake survive the Applewhites?


Decoupage Hat-box Project

      This is the hatbox I mentioned buying for twenty-five cents at a garage-sale yesterday. It's super ugly, right? Not for long!
      At the same garage sale we also bought some old children's books. Mom said I could have this one for my project. =)
      First I traced the lid onto the illustrations I wanted, and cut out the circle, and I also painted the box white. I painted myself white too, on accident. I'm kind of messy with glue and paint. =)
     And yes, there were a few steps in between this and the last picture, but mostly just measuring, tracing, and pasting things. I thought I'd maybe replace the green string, but it actually looked pretty good. I still have to paint the bottom of the box, and part of the inside (it's still a sickly pink) but otherwise it's done. Isn't it cute? =)
        "The Skunk and the Sea Gull" Lol. It's really a pretty bad story, with very lame rhymes, but it has cute illustrations!
       I also fixed my free cartoon-umbrella. All by myself too! Well, I followed some suggestions, but I'm still proud of me. Lol. I can't do things like that too often though, or Sam will realize I can do things myself! Can't have that, can we? ;)


Garage-sale finds!

      Well! I've been kinda busy. =) We started school this week. So far I'm only doing math and Sonlight, but I have to start writing, and all of that next week. In a way, it's sad that the summer's over, but on the other hand, I was getting kind of bored!
     Yesterday I worked on scraping wallpaper off our upstairs bathroom. I don't know who invented wallpaper, but it's never been anything but trouble for me. :p Lol. I think we're going to paint it yellow, which is going to be beautiful. Most importantly, we're going to get towel hooks, so we don't have any more giant piles of wet towels. :)
       Today is Saturday, of course (Hurray!) and it's already been a good one. We had a great time garage-saling, and found some really cool stuff we didn't need. Lol! I did get three pairs of very nice shorts though, which I'm happy about. And as for the stuff we didn't need, that's more interesting. =)
      I got a comic-strip umbrella! Lol. It was broken, but I got it for free. And supposedly Sam or David is going to fix it for me :)
      I also got a little teddy-bear jar to put my paintbrushes in....

      And I got this cool bowl! So overall, it was a very good garage-sale trip. =) Oh, and I got a very ugly hat-box too, that should make a good project some time!


Old favorites...

       Today I'm going to share with you a few of my favorite books from when I was little. (A few! Lol!) Some of them I read on my own, and some Mom read to us, but they all were a very real part of my childhood. My imagination thrived on them, and they were the source of hours and hours of wonderful pretending...
Little House in the Big Woods and Little House on the Prairie  
I loved these books. If I could have been transported into any of the books, I would have picked these ones. I was sure I was born in the wrong time period, and I longed to live in a little cabin in the woods, and more than anything I wanted to be a pioneer!
The Boxcar Children
In the first book of this mystery series, four orphan children live in a boxcar all on their own until their long-lost grandfather appears. They go on to have wonderful adventures and solve mysteries. (Oh to be an orphan and set up housekeeping all on your own! It was one of our favorite games to be orphans who lived in the woods, and dug all of their pots and things out of dumps and old barns. =) Of course it was convenient to go inside to a mother or grandma who had sandwiches for you!)
The Littles series
They were called the Littles. The tallest was only six inches high, and they lived in the walls of a normal-sized house. They were just like people... only they had tails. They rode on the back of a cat named Hildy, and they had an elevator made out of a tin can. Postage stamps made lovely pictures to  hang over the fireplace, and a certain electrical socket above the counter was really a secret door! Isn't that just wonderful! =)
Mr. Popper's Penguins
Poor Mr. Popper paints houses. But what he really would like to be is an explorer who goes on Polar expeditions! Most especially he would enjoy making friends with the penguins. How astonishing when a package arrives from Admiral Drake in Antarctica. And what do you think it contains? A penguin!!!
The Happy Hollisters
The Happy Hollisters were my most favorite mystery-solvers of all. In fact, Sam and I had frequent arguments about which was better...the Happy Hollisters or the Boxcar Children. We must have had close to twenty or twenty-five Happy Hollister mysteries, and I read them constantly. In fact, I could easily average two or three a day. (Although there were other delightful books to read, of course) There was one I never read at night though...The Happy Hollisters and the Haunted House. Because haunted houses are creepy, right...? Fortunately, it wasn't haunted at all, and turned out to only be a couple of common-place criminals. =) What a relief...

     So anyway, that's just a few of my most favorite books of all time. Already I'm thinking of others... The Chronicles of Narnia, The Borrowers, Pippi Longstocking.... Perhaps there will be a part two! And by the way, I would love to hear if you had the same favorites, or what your favorites were. =)


Now on Etsy....

     Hurray! I'm on Etsy =) Here's my link.... http://www.etsy.com/shop/LidjaLouise?ref=top_trail  Please visit my shop and say you like it! =)

Hemp and sea-glass bracelets...

      A while back I got a kit at Wal-mart on clearance =) because I wanted the sea-glass beads. I wasn't going to make the bracelet, but yesterday I decided it would be fun. I didn't really follow the directions... lol, but I got about the same thing.
      I love it! This is pretty much the only bracelet I own, but that might change. =)
      My first bracelet was kind of twisted, and doesn't stay very flat, but today I made an ankle bracelet and did much better on it. The technique was super easy, and I think you could use it for all kinds of things... rings, necklaces, maybe even earrings! =) I also think I could make some really cool beads out of polymer clay. Which would be convenient, because I'm almost out of glass ones!
      P.S. it's surprisingly hard to take a flattering picture of an ankle bracelet. Lol! Just saying.... =)


Blanchard Springs Caverns

        Yesterday we went to Blanchard Cave. It was a pretty long trip, and verrry hot. It got up to at least 113 degrees! Grandpa and Grandma's car has an amazing air conditioner though. We ate at a Subway in the middle of nowhere (it was the most crowded Subway I've ever seen! I guess because there was nothing else for miles around.) Once we got there, there was another wait for the tour. So we browsed the gift shop and read the exhibits and were very bored until 3:40. Lol! The temperature in the cave was kind of chilly, but refreshing after 113 degrees. =)
      Above is the big pillar in the middle of the cave, and this is the rock formation they call the battleship.
      Afterwards we went to the springs, and Ben caught a crawdad. =)

     The two ornery ones.... Dad and Ben. =)

       Mom and Dad. =)