Little Headbands

     Well, it's been a while since my last post! Last Friday Mom and I got to go to the Muny to watch Singing in the Rain with some of our old friends. It was a lot of fun! =) We drove up in Uncle David's car, because it uses less gas. Unfortunately, there was no air conditioning, so we were pretty hot, but we're tough, so we made it. ;-) We drove about two and a half hours to the Valencias, and then car-pooled with them and the other ladies (from Parkland Chapel) up to Saint Louis and the Muny. We got back to the Valencia's pretty late, but Jana and I stayed up all night talking anyway. It was fun. =) And I think the boys survived without us. :-) Uncle David is still staying with us, because Dad's teaching him to fly. An airplane, that is. lol.
     Today is Monday (Hooray, right?) and I am really not wanting to clean my room and walk my dog, but I suppose I should. I'm working on some little headbands for Baby Emmalyn...
      Here's the two I've finished. (Modeled by Bitty Baby) Lol. =)
     I might try some with yarn, but the ribbon ones are pretty cute.
      I have four colors left: hot pink, light yellow, light pink, and lavender.
     I haven't decided on flower colors for these ones yet. The yellow is kind of hard, because it doesn't match with any other yellow, so I need a flower without yellow. Maybe dark purple would go well with the lavender. Oh! And I found our old clip art, which is going to be very useful for my rings and earrings (Well, okay, Sam found it for me) :-) Hmm... I wonder if I could find an orange that goes with the yellow? We'll see....
Toodles! =)

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