Summer Reading

These are some of the books I've read this summer...
My Antonia- Willa Cather
My Antonia is the story of early pioneers, and a girl named Antonia. Probably everyone has heard of it and knows it as a classic, but if you haven't read it, you should. It's the sort of classic you want to gobble up, instead of the sort you have to force your way through.

 Cranford- Elizabeth Gaskell
I picked this up, because I'd seen advertisements for a BBC movie of it, and it looked pretty good. It turned out to be a Jane Austen-ish sort of book, only less slow, I think. I'm not sure when it was written, but it's a pretty old story about a community of older ladies (no men) who are all very eccentric, because they live in "Cranford". There's not much plot, but if you're in a Jane Austen-ish mood.... =)
I Capture the Castle- Dodie Smith
This book is the journal of a girl who lives in a castle with her sister, her unusual step-mother Topaz, and her recluse father, who was once a famous genius. Things get a little messed up when two handsome American brothers show up, and no one knows who's in love with who! The journal is written superbly, and the writer really does accomplish her wish to "capture the castle". (P.S. Dodie Smith wrote 101 Dalmatians, which gives you an idea of the excellent stories she can make up.)
Fahrenheit 451- Ray Bradbury
It's the future, and firemen aren't needed to put out fires anymore. They make them. Technology is too advanced for houses to catch on fire, and society is too "advanced" for books to be needed or wanted anymore. So the firemen who used to put out house-fires? Now they burn books. Montag is one of them, and he enjoys his job burning books, until he meets a girl named Clarisse. In the short time he knows her, she shows him why we need books, and sparks his rebellion against those who burn them.
The Gift of Asher Lev- Chaim Potok
A sequel to the book "I Am Asher Lev," which is about a Hasidic Jewish boy who longs to draw and make paintings. "The Gift of Asher Lev" finds Asher grown up, with a family of his own, but still wrestling between his religion and community, and his extraordinary gift.

P.S. I knooow! I changed the background again. Lol. I really love this one best. The last one was great, but it just didn't work for me...

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