Pookie and Piper go to the vet

    I’ve had quite the day! To start with, Mom woke me up around eight o’clock , because we had to take the dogs to the vet. Which is something that we don’t normally do. Ever. But we just recently found out that heartworm is carried by mosquitoes.... And since we have NO lack of mosquitoes around here, that kind of worried us. Heartworm would be very tragic. (!) So we decided to get them checked at the vet. Unfortunately Sam was absent, because he’d gone with Dad and Uncle David to pick up an airplane. Which is an entirely different story... 
    So anyway, I got up and took care of the dogs. Piper needed brushed, because she’s shedding, and also because she insists on sitting in her pool, and then sitting in the dirt, which makes for a filthy, ratty looking dog. :-) And Pookie... well Pookie has nice short hair that always looks great, but something didn’t look quite right. I couldn’t figure out what it was, until I realized she had no collar on! Great, Pookie, just great, where’d you put it? You’re such a booger anyway! We searched all over the yard, but Pookie’s red collar was gone. So Mom had to go to Wal-mart real quick to get her a collar. I stayed home to take care of Jason who had the flu last night. Ugh! :-/ I also had to make a chicken salad, because it just happened that the lady’s brunch thingy at church was today!
    When Mom got back from Wal-mart, the collar was too big. Seriously? So we did the only thing we could... attempted to punch an extra hole in it. We tried pounding it with a nail, and poking it with this poky-thingy we had (lol) and nothing worked. Finally Mom started to get a little bit of a hole going, so she sat there poking at it, while I chopped celery and grapes. At last, we got a hole punched, and we finally got on the road!
    Pookie and Piper behaved like angels, although Piper insisted on licking nacho cheese off of a disposable tray left over from Taco Bell. :P At first we weren’t sure where to find the vet’s office, but we didn’t have too much trouble. We pulled into the parking lot, the dogs hopped out, and we headed in. So far, so good.....   Then we opened the door, and there in the waiting room sat an assortment of three or four little fluffy, hairy, toy dogs. Just the kind Piper hates most! And I don’t have any unique talent to see into the future, but I was relatively sure that disaster lay ahead if we tried taking our two slobbery giants in there. So Mom went in by herself, and the little boys and I sat outside with our lovable monsters, and waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. You get the idea.... :-/
    At the end of forty-five minutes when we were about to die of boredom, the vet poked his head out the exit door, and told us to bring them in. First he lifted Pookie up on the scale, and did a blood test on her. She was scared to death. Poor little girl is such a fraidy-cat! She did pretty well, though. Piper was next, and she was good too. And neither of them had heartworm! Hooray! :-) I was very glad for the vet, because he was really good with them, and you could tell he liked animals. It’s no small feat to lift a sixty-pound German shepherd onto a scale, and then draw blood without the dog freaking out on you.
    Then we were done with our vet ordeal. We took our giant doggies home with no more heartworm-worries, and enough medicine to prevent it for six months. Then there was still the lady’s brunch, but that wasn’t too bad. We picked up Dad at the airport just a while ago. The airplane’s very nice! (even if it has a tweety-bird on it.) =) Poor Sam and David are still driving, but they should be home soon.
    And that was my crazy day! I’m hoping we have plenty of time to relax now! =)

P.S. We found Pookie’s red collar in the apple tree, way at the very back of the yard. It had a big rip in it. Sometimes I wish they could talk and tell us what on earth happened!

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  1. I think Pookie was trying to climb the tree and get some baby birds out of the nest. She got hung up by her collar and Piper had to chew her collar off of her.