Long Hair Adventures

      The unfortunate thing about having long hair is that everyone feels free to comment. Of course, this isn't always a bad thing. Compliments are nice, although they're a little creepy coming from complete strangers. It's when people say more than "your hair is pretty" that it starts to annoy me. Now don't worry! I am not super-sensitive about my hair. I tend to not be a super-sensitive person. ;) But then again, put yourself in my shoes: suppose you and your family are at a fast food restaurant waiting for your order, when this old lady comes over and starts on the topic of Long Hair. Her daughter had long hair just like mine. Beautiful hair. (btw, I've learned that everyone has had long hair like mine at some point in their life.) :-/ Anyway, this lady's daughter's husband died of cancer or something. And so the daughter cut her beautiful hair off and put it in his coffin. And he was buried with it. Oh my word! I can't believe she thought I would want to hear that! What a morbid story to tell a complete stranger just because she has pretty hair!!!!!! 
     Then of course there's The Locks of Love people. I think I've mentioned them before. "Have you ever donated your hair?" "Have you ever considered donating your hair?" "Are you growing it out for Locks of Love?" " I think your hair is long enough. Don't you think it's long enough?" "I'm sure someone would be really glad to have your hair." Aaaaaaaaa!!!!! Leave me alone!
     Really though, it doesn't happen that often, and thankfully I have a sense of humor and find it rather amusing. I still wonder, though... What did the morbid coffin story lady want me to say in reply?!?!

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