In Between Trips

Pookie quit drooling on me!!!!
     Well, we're home for a while. Pretty much only for today, though. We had a good time in Illinois, of course. Dad, Mom, Sam and Uncle Paul worked on Grandma's roof in the mornings and evenings when it was cool (cooler!) I guess the rest of us just hung out, and ate Grandma's raspberries (<3) took the dogs on walks, read books, and watched a few movies. I think we watched Toy Story 2 three times! :p I watched Singing in the Rain, and the Sound of Music, and Ben was very disgusted with me and my "romantic musicals" Lol!
     Uncle Bob, Aunt Heather, Toby and Josh were at Grandma and Grandpa Morris' house, so we got to see them. Josh is so adorable! =) And Toby is verrrry talkative. =) Everyone from the Morris house came over to Grandma W's in the evening several times, so Toby and Josh could come play with the boys. We hung out in the yard on lawn chairs and in the hammock, and Uncle Bob and Uncle David helped a little with the roof. Josh and I were buddies and climbed stairs and patted dog-dogs. =) lol.  When they came down off the roof, we all had ice cream. We consumed a LOT of popsicles and ice cream while we were there.
     I got to go to Hobby Lobby, and a huge antique store, and we did some thrift-store shopping too. Those are always on my lists of things to do! We came home yesterday, which was a very long, hot trip. We all got pretty whiny and grouchy. The dogs rode in the very back, and poked their heads over the seat to drool on me and Sam. They were very good, but they smelled like... well, dogs, which gets unpleasant after a couple hours.
     Anyway, we're home now! Next we're going to Missouri for ManUp. It's only three hours, so it should be a happier trip. Plus we're not taking the dogs, so that gets rid of drool and dog-smell. I'm guessing we'll watch Toy Story 2 twice, and before we know it we'll be there! Or maybe we should get a different movie. That's a fabulous idea, actually. (really fabulous!) Maybe one of those "romantic musicals" Lol =)
      Doing Grandma's roof.
      The boys, including Toby playing a video game at the Morris house.
      At Steak'n Shake with Grandma W. It was right next to the river, and we could look out and watch all the boats.
     Ben and Jason have this thing where they blow on straws and make an obnoxious tooting sound. I'm not sure how they figured it out, but I wish they hadn't!

P.S. Like my new background? I do! I just can't figure out how to keep that sidebar-thing from being gray! :p


  1. LOL!! that's awesome!! sounds like you had a blast!! and WOW your dogs are SOOOOO big!! HOW old are they!?!? lol... love German Shepherds!!! :)
    p.s. i rly like the new background!! :D

  2. :D Piper is my dog, she's the one with the darker face, and she's just about a year old. The one with the lighter face is Sam's dog Phoebe (Pookie). I'm thinking she's between eight and ten months. And yes, they are just big lovable old babies. =)

  3. Awww!! Sweeeeentess!!! :D they definitely do look loveable! ...I think I have actually met at least Piper before, though.. at the V's once, I think...

    And i see you were able to fix your sidebar the way you wanted!! yay!! :)