Collecting things...

    I am always collecting things. It's something I have to do, because it makes me happy. :)   I collect teacups... (mostly so I can pile them on top of things until they fall off and break, I guess.)
     I collect necklaces... because I either wear them or pretend I'm going to! ...
      I collect bottles, because I love the way the sun shines through them...

      I collect miniatures... because I never really outgrew pretending. (don't tell anyone) ;)
     I collect books, because.... I love books!!!

     I collect buttons because I make earrings out of them, I collect postcards, and pictures because I pin them on my bulletin board and look at them every day. I collect toothpicks, because they're handy for poking things. I collect hats because I don't wear them much. Lol! And best of all, I collect memories, stories, and ideas. Even though you can't have a picture of those! They save on storage though. =)

1 comment:

  1. Oh! i love all those thingys u collect...i need to come up with reasons for all the things i collect. lol ;)