Long Hair Adventures

      The unfortunate thing about having long hair is that everyone feels free to comment. Of course, this isn't always a bad thing. Compliments are nice, although they're a little creepy coming from complete strangers. It's when people say more than "your hair is pretty" that it starts to annoy me. Now don't worry! I am not super-sensitive about my hair. I tend to not be a super-sensitive person. ;) But then again, put yourself in my shoes: suppose you and your family are at a fast food restaurant waiting for your order, when this old lady comes over and starts on the topic of Long Hair. Her daughter had long hair just like mine. Beautiful hair. (btw, I've learned that everyone has had long hair like mine at some point in their life.) :-/ Anyway, this lady's daughter's husband died of cancer or something. And so the daughter cut her beautiful hair off and put it in his coffin. And he was buried with it. Oh my word! I can't believe she thought I would want to hear that! What a morbid story to tell a complete stranger just because she has pretty hair!!!!!! 
     Then of course there's The Locks of Love people. I think I've mentioned them before. "Have you ever donated your hair?" "Have you ever considered donating your hair?" "Are you growing it out for Locks of Love?" " I think your hair is long enough. Don't you think it's long enough?" "I'm sure someone would be really glad to have your hair." Aaaaaaaaa!!!!! Leave me alone!
     Really though, it doesn't happen that often, and thankfully I have a sense of humor and find it rather amusing. I still wonder, though... What did the morbid coffin story lady want me to say in reply?!?!


Little Headbands

     Well, it's been a while since my last post! Last Friday Mom and I got to go to the Muny to watch Singing in the Rain with some of our old friends. It was a lot of fun! =) We drove up in Uncle David's car, because it uses less gas. Unfortunately, there was no air conditioning, so we were pretty hot, but we're tough, so we made it. ;-) We drove about two and a half hours to the Valencias, and then car-pooled with them and the other ladies (from Parkland Chapel) up to Saint Louis and the Muny. We got back to the Valencia's pretty late, but Jana and I stayed up all night talking anyway. It was fun. =) And I think the boys survived without us. :-) Uncle David is still staying with us, because Dad's teaching him to fly. An airplane, that is. lol.
     Today is Monday (Hooray, right?) and I am really not wanting to clean my room and walk my dog, but I suppose I should. I'm working on some little headbands for Baby Emmalyn...
      Here's the two I've finished. (Modeled by Bitty Baby) Lol. =)
     I might try some with yarn, but the ribbon ones are pretty cute.
      I have four colors left: hot pink, light yellow, light pink, and lavender.
     I haven't decided on flower colors for these ones yet. The yellow is kind of hard, because it doesn't match with any other yellow, so I need a flower without yellow. Maybe dark purple would go well with the lavender. Oh! And I found our old clip art, which is going to be very useful for my rings and earrings (Well, okay, Sam found it for me) :-) Hmm... I wonder if I could find an orange that goes with the yellow? We'll see....
Toodles! =)



     Yesterday, I decided I needed something new for my rings. So I made a Winnie-the-Pooh ring! Lol. I copied it out of the books I had when I was little. I hope that's not illegal! Then I had myself started on the topic of books, so I made this...
The Little Engine That Could
     And I also made a "book ring" Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz, to be exact. My miniature book-making could use some improvement, but all things considered, this is a very good first one. I will definitely be using the idea again. :-)  

     And today, I made my Book Worm earrings, which I think were a wonderful idea! :-)
     I tried to take a picture of both ears at once, but it didn't work well, so hopefully you'll get the idea from these pics.
     And last of all, here's some bird earrings that have nothing to do with books, but are cute all the same.
     Hope you enjoyed! =)

P.S. I was flipping through the Winnie-the-Pooh book, and got the snow song stuck in my head.

The more it snows
     (Tiddely pom)
The more it goes
     (Tiddely pom)
The more it goes
     (Tiddely pom)
   On snowing.
And nobody knows
     (Tiddely pom)
How cold my toes
     (Tiddely pom)
How cold my toes
      (Tiddely pom)
   Are growing.

Thus the title! :D Lol!


Collecting things...

    I am always collecting things. It's something I have to do, because it makes me happy. :)   I collect teacups... (mostly so I can pile them on top of things until they fall off and break, I guess.)
     I collect necklaces... because I either wear them or pretend I'm going to! ...
      I collect bottles, because I love the way the sun shines through them...

      I collect miniatures... because I never really outgrew pretending. (don't tell anyone) ;)
     I collect books, because.... I love books!!!

     I collect buttons because I make earrings out of them, I collect postcards, and pictures because I pin them on my bulletin board and look at them every day. I collect toothpicks, because they're handy for poking things. I collect hats because I don't wear them much. Lol! And best of all, I collect memories, stories, and ideas. Even though you can't have a picture of those! They save on storage though. =)



Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul,
And sings the tune without the words,
And never stops at all,

And sweetest in the gale is heard;
And sore must be the storm
That could abash the little bird
That kept so many warm.

I've heard it in the chillest land,
And on the strangest sea;
Yet, never, in extremity,
It asked a crumb of me.

-Emily Dickinson


How is it showing up?

So, I've been doing a lot of messing with the background and stuff, which you probably know. Lol. Anyway, it looks exactly the way I want it to on our desktop computer. But then I was looking at it on Mom's laptop, and the white part of the background had this weird blue-gray crumple pattern on it. You know, like it was supposed to be a crumpled sheet of paper. Which sounds okay, but I really don't like it at all. It's really annoying me! I want it to be just plain, flat white. I'd like to know, how is it showing up for you? Thanks for your help!

Pookie and Piper go to the vet

    I’ve had quite the day! To start with, Mom woke me up around eight o’clock , because we had to take the dogs to the vet. Which is something that we don’t normally do. Ever. But we just recently found out that heartworm is carried by mosquitoes.... And since we have NO lack of mosquitoes around here, that kind of worried us. Heartworm would be very tragic. (!) So we decided to get them checked at the vet. Unfortunately Sam was absent, because he’d gone with Dad and Uncle David to pick up an airplane. Which is an entirely different story... 
    So anyway, I got up and took care of the dogs. Piper needed brushed, because she’s shedding, and also because she insists on sitting in her pool, and then sitting in the dirt, which makes for a filthy, ratty looking dog. :-) And Pookie... well Pookie has nice short hair that always looks great, but something didn’t look quite right. I couldn’t figure out what it was, until I realized she had no collar on! Great, Pookie, just great, where’d you put it? You’re such a booger anyway! We searched all over the yard, but Pookie’s red collar was gone. So Mom had to go to Wal-mart real quick to get her a collar. I stayed home to take care of Jason who had the flu last night. Ugh! :-/ I also had to make a chicken salad, because it just happened that the lady’s brunch thingy at church was today!
    When Mom got back from Wal-mart, the collar was too big. Seriously? So we did the only thing we could... attempted to punch an extra hole in it. We tried pounding it with a nail, and poking it with this poky-thingy we had (lol) and nothing worked. Finally Mom started to get a little bit of a hole going, so she sat there poking at it, while I chopped celery and grapes. At last, we got a hole punched, and we finally got on the road!
    Pookie and Piper behaved like angels, although Piper insisted on licking nacho cheese off of a disposable tray left over from Taco Bell. :P At first we weren’t sure where to find the vet’s office, but we didn’t have too much trouble. We pulled into the parking lot, the dogs hopped out, and we headed in. So far, so good.....   Then we opened the door, and there in the waiting room sat an assortment of three or four little fluffy, hairy, toy dogs. Just the kind Piper hates most! And I don’t have any unique talent to see into the future, but I was relatively sure that disaster lay ahead if we tried taking our two slobbery giants in there. So Mom went in by herself, and the little boys and I sat outside with our lovable monsters, and waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. You get the idea.... :-/
    At the end of forty-five minutes when we were about to die of boredom, the vet poked his head out the exit door, and told us to bring them in. First he lifted Pookie up on the scale, and did a blood test on her. She was scared to death. Poor little girl is such a fraidy-cat! She did pretty well, though. Piper was next, and she was good too. And neither of them had heartworm! Hooray! :-) I was very glad for the vet, because he was really good with them, and you could tell he liked animals. It’s no small feat to lift a sixty-pound German shepherd onto a scale, and then draw blood without the dog freaking out on you.
    Then we were done with our vet ordeal. We took our giant doggies home with no more heartworm-worries, and enough medicine to prevent it for six months. Then there was still the lady’s brunch, but that wasn’t too bad. We picked up Dad at the airport just a while ago. The airplane’s very nice! (even if it has a tweety-bird on it.) =) Poor Sam and David are still driving, but they should be home soon.
    And that was my crazy day! I’m hoping we have plenty of time to relax now! =)

P.S. We found Pookie’s red collar in the apple tree, way at the very back of the yard. It had a big rip in it. Sometimes I wish they could talk and tell us what on earth happened!


Summer Reading

These are some of the books I've read this summer...
My Antonia- Willa Cather
My Antonia is the story of early pioneers, and a girl named Antonia. Probably everyone has heard of it and knows it as a classic, but if you haven't read it, you should. It's the sort of classic you want to gobble up, instead of the sort you have to force your way through.

 Cranford- Elizabeth Gaskell
I picked this up, because I'd seen advertisements for a BBC movie of it, and it looked pretty good. It turned out to be a Jane Austen-ish sort of book, only less slow, I think. I'm not sure when it was written, but it's a pretty old story about a community of older ladies (no men) who are all very eccentric, because they live in "Cranford". There's not much plot, but if you're in a Jane Austen-ish mood.... =)
I Capture the Castle- Dodie Smith
This book is the journal of a girl who lives in a castle with her sister, her unusual step-mother Topaz, and her recluse father, who was once a famous genius. Things get a little messed up when two handsome American brothers show up, and no one knows who's in love with who! The journal is written superbly, and the writer really does accomplish her wish to "capture the castle". (P.S. Dodie Smith wrote 101 Dalmatians, which gives you an idea of the excellent stories she can make up.)
Fahrenheit 451- Ray Bradbury
It's the future, and firemen aren't needed to put out fires anymore. They make them. Technology is too advanced for houses to catch on fire, and society is too "advanced" for books to be needed or wanted anymore. So the firemen who used to put out house-fires? Now they burn books. Montag is one of them, and he enjoys his job burning books, until he meets a girl named Clarisse. In the short time he knows her, she shows him why we need books, and sparks his rebellion against those who burn them.
The Gift of Asher Lev- Chaim Potok
A sequel to the book "I Am Asher Lev," which is about a Hasidic Jewish boy who longs to draw and make paintings. "The Gift of Asher Lev" finds Asher grown up, with a family of his own, but still wrestling between his religion and community, and his extraordinary gift.

P.S. I knooow! I changed the background again. Lol. I really love this one best. The last one was great, but it just didn't work for me...


Introducing the flower loom!

     I'm hooome! =) We had a lovely time in MO, of course, none of which I have pictures of, or am going to write about right now... Suffice it to say it was wonderful. =)
     On the way down, I finally got my flower loom! I've been wanting one of these for quite a while. I have this little flower-clip that I wear in my hair made out of yarn, that my great-grandma made (you can read a post about it here) Anyway, I wanted to figure out how she made it, so I did a search on google, and I discovered flower looms! You can make the flowers out of anything... yarn, raffia, ribbon, etc. And there's endless ways to use them too...
    This is a picture of the loom I bought. It's not exactly what I thought I was going to get... I was more thinking something like this, but this one turned out to be lots better. I love it! (and unlike the price-tag says, I did not pay twenty dollars for it! I'm smarter than that. =) If you go to Hobby Lobby's website, you can usually print off 40% off coupons, so I got it for twelve instead) ;-) 
     Today I made this flower, and turned it into a ring, and I am definitely going to make more flowers very soon!  Especially if I get some more yarn. The possibilities are endless: you could use them on shoes, flip-flops, hats, bags, hair-clips etc. etc. =)
     If you want to see more about flowers and flower looms, try going here to see how you use it, or type "flower loom images" into google to see some cool pics. =) And I will be back! With more about flower looms and my adventurous life... ;D


In Between Trips

Pookie quit drooling on me!!!!
     Well, we're home for a while. Pretty much only for today, though. We had a good time in Illinois, of course. Dad, Mom, Sam and Uncle Paul worked on Grandma's roof in the mornings and evenings when it was cool (cooler!) I guess the rest of us just hung out, and ate Grandma's raspberries (<3) took the dogs on walks, read books, and watched a few movies. I think we watched Toy Story 2 three times! :p I watched Singing in the Rain, and the Sound of Music, and Ben was very disgusted with me and my "romantic musicals" Lol!
     Uncle Bob, Aunt Heather, Toby and Josh were at Grandma and Grandpa Morris' house, so we got to see them. Josh is so adorable! =) And Toby is verrrry talkative. =) Everyone from the Morris house came over to Grandma W's in the evening several times, so Toby and Josh could come play with the boys. We hung out in the yard on lawn chairs and in the hammock, and Uncle Bob and Uncle David helped a little with the roof. Josh and I were buddies and climbed stairs and patted dog-dogs. =) lol.  When they came down off the roof, we all had ice cream. We consumed a LOT of popsicles and ice cream while we were there.
     I got to go to Hobby Lobby, and a huge antique store, and we did some thrift-store shopping too. Those are always on my lists of things to do! We came home yesterday, which was a very long, hot trip. We all got pretty whiny and grouchy. The dogs rode in the very back, and poked their heads over the seat to drool on me and Sam. They were very good, but they smelled like... well, dogs, which gets unpleasant after a couple hours.
     Anyway, we're home now! Next we're going to Missouri for ManUp. It's only three hours, so it should be a happier trip. Plus we're not taking the dogs, so that gets rid of drool and dog-smell. I'm guessing we'll watch Toy Story 2 twice, and before we know it we'll be there! Or maybe we should get a different movie. That's a fabulous idea, actually. (really fabulous!) Maybe one of those "romantic musicals" Lol =)
      Doing Grandma's roof.
      The boys, including Toby playing a video game at the Morris house.
      At Steak'n Shake with Grandma W. It was right next to the river, and we could look out and watch all the boats.
     Ben and Jason have this thing where they blow on straws and make an obnoxious tooting sound. I'm not sure how they figured it out, but I wish they hadn't!

P.S. Like my new background? I do! I just can't figure out how to keep that sidebar-thing from being gray! :p