Vintage Findings =)

      I bought these four postcards when I went antiquing with Sam and Grandma. I <3 them! =) I think I'm collecting vintage postcards now. This one says Stoddard hotel and Fourth St. South. La Crosse, Wisconsin. across the top.
      Bureau of printing and engraving, Washington. D.C.
     Inter-city viaduct connecting Kansas City, Mo. and Kansas City, Kansas

     Municipal pier at foot of Broadway, San Diego, California  None of them have writing on them except for this one, which has a one-cent stamp and a 1943 postage mark.
     It says: Dear Mom and Dad, I got here at 6:15 P.M. We were 4 hours late getting into L.A. I will write a letter tomorrow when I have time. I am going to the base now. We had a good trip out here. With love, Bill 
     There's also a stamp on it that says BUY WAR SAVINGS BONDS AND STAMPS   I'm assuming this guy was a soldier in World War II? It's kind of weird and cool at the same time. Weird, because, think of people buying our postcards in antique stores! Yeah... Weird.
     I also found this old globe in my bedroom at Grandma's house. It's pretty old and beat-up, and has a huge dent in it, but I think that makes it better. Its stand is broke, but I'm going to hang it from my ceiling, above my desk/table.
     And Mom found this in her old chest, and gave it to me...
     Anyway! That's all for now. =) We set up the swimming pool out back, and it is very slooowly filling up. Probably a post on that later... Also some of you will probably want to see pictures of Jason's kitten. =)

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