A thrift-store trip. =)

      Today Dad worked on his motorcycle at school, and while he and the boys were over there, Mom and I went thrift-shopping. The first one practically everything was fifty cents. I got this vase and hourglass (or perhaps minuteglass?) Mom got a plant. Then we went to some consignment shop where I got a scarf, and they told us about a place called Amazing Things, or something like that. I was super glad we found it, because it's the only shop that slightly resembles an antique store around here. She had lots and lots of vintage books, and some really cool furniture. I got a miniature book, and one book. Anyway, it was a lot of fun! Now we're home with the little boys making food for Father's Day tomorrow. And Dad and Sam should be along anytime to make jalapeno shrimp poppers. =)

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