That was fun! =)

     Wow. That was the longest break in the whole history of my blog. I think I am just a wee bit addicted to blogging, because I really missed it. Don't tell Mom. She's against internet addictions. ;-)
     Anyway... here's some pictures from my vacation. This (above) is the Wildermuth family. (Mom's side) who we spent lots of fun time with. =)

     And this is Linus, Aunt Joy and Uncle Tim's temporary pet monkey. By way of explanation, they work at a Bible camp in Wisconsin, and do lots of nature programs and stuff. So Linus is going to spend this summer at Bible camp, and meet lots of campers. He was a real character, and a lot of fun. It's pretty crazy to have a monkey crawling around on you, and chewing on your necklace. =)
      We also spent time with the Morris side too, although I don't have a lot of photos of them. We went to church with them on Sunday, and then we went to New Salem.
      When I was about Ben's age, we lived only about ten minutes from New Salem, and we went there all the time. I loved it. =)
     All of the boys. Ben, Sam, Uncle David, and Dad's cousin Danny (and yes he's seven feet tall, or something totally ridiculous like that.)
     Mom, Dad, and the little boys left on Tuesday. We went shopping with Grandma and Aunt Shayna, and Shayna and I had a blast splurging on earrings and headbands at Claire's. Sam stayed in the car for like forty-five minutes, and I think he was rolling his eyes the entire time. ;-)
      Wednesday, Shayna left (sad day) =(  but Emily and Ethan Smith came over and spent several hours with us. Our dads were friends in eighth grade, or something, so we've known each other forever. Old friends are the best! =)

      Emily, Me, Sam, and Ethan. PCOG (photo courtesy of Grandma) =)
      I'm not sure what all we did in what order, but we watched movies, ate out, went to a festival, went antique shopping, watered Grandma's flowers, played pig with the basketball, and over all had a good time.
     This is a shadow of me in the hammock. =) I think we need a hammock at our house.

     One day we took a really, really long walk down to the river, and then we sat under the bridge and had a picnic. It was really hot, and we more than wore ourselves out.
     A famished Sam eating his hot dog. We had hot dogs, carrots, apples, ice cream bars, cottage cheese, and the best potato chips in the world. It was doubly delicious after the walk.
     These are kitchen cooked potato chips. You can only buy them in central Illinois where my grandparents live, but they ought to be worldwide.
      The best way to eat them is with cottage cheese. =)
      Grandma being her typical self, and setting up for a family picture. =)
      Sam being his typical self, and making annoying noises with a blade of grass.
     My feet were so glad to be free. I wore tennis shoes on the walk, and hated every minute of it. I brought flip-flops in my bag, and we walked home on the frontage road, so I wore them. I am always prepared. Lol. That's a joke.
     Me and Grandma at the bridge. Aren't we cute? =) Anyway, this is the longest post ever, and Dad wants the computer, so I've got to say bye for now. Grandma's going to stay with us for a few days, they got a swimming pool while we were gone, which we need to set up soon, and Jason has a cat named Pickles. That pretty much covers all the big stuff. See ya! I'll be back... =)


  1. Sounds like you had an absolute TON of fun!! :D

  2. Yep! You guessed it =)