Rings, earrings, and Pickles

      Yesterday evening we went to Jonesboro with Grandma, to shop for my early birthday present. Mostly I spent the money on stuff from Hobby Lobby, but I got some fun jewelery too.
      I found the materials to make rings and stud earrings, which I was super excited about. And I got a super-glue pen in hopes that it would help me keep it off my fingers! lol. So far I've not been very successful with that, but super glue is so useful that I don't care. And by now I know what to do if I glue myself, and I don't panic. Lol!
     Today I made these two rings, one out of an old metal button, and the other one is a bead....I think, that my friend Jana gave me a long time ago.
     And I made a pair of button earrings, too. =)
     And here, as promised, is a picture of Jason's cat Pickles. His name really fits him, too!
     Other than that, I'm not doing much. We're swimming a lot, of course. The pool is only half full, because Dad wants the little boys to practice swimming before we fill it all the way. It's still wonderful, even when it's not full! =)


  1. Those rings are awesome!!! And VERY cute earrings!! :)
    How old is Pickles?? He's so cute!

  2. Thanks! =)
    Mom and Jay say Pickles is eleven weeks...

  3. Hey! I still have one of those beads, lol, I never got rid of it cos I always knew I would use it someday, so I may have to try that! Awe, Pickles is an amazing cat name...thats kinda funny cos the other day told mom that we should have named lulu, pickles. lol =) sorry about yur camera btw. :(.... :D

  4. I think he was already named Pickles when we got him! =) Yeah... not sure how I'm going to deal with the camera situation. I kind of use it a lot, especially since I've had my blog. Mom said I could use hers for now, though.