Rest in peace, shiny red camera. =(


     My camera is now officially a piece of junk. It won't do anything right. I can take pictures, but they have funny lines on them, and the flash and lighting is messed up, and it does frustrating things. *Sigh* I am not happy. On the other hand, I have been using it for a long time, maybe even since I was eleven, so I guess it has had a fairly long life. Unfortunately, I don't have much cash to spend on another one, mostly because I just spent it all! Oops! =(  I need some way to make money... any suggestions? Maybe I will get a little birthday money, and Dad will help me find something on ebay. Which reminds me... on the brighter side of things, my birthday is coming soon! And... because I am still obsessed with miniatures, and still want a dollhouse, Mom and Dad are going to buy the plywood for me, and Dad's going to help me get started building one. I want to make my own plan, which should be interesting. And maybe I will learn to use power tools. Which should be really interesting!

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