Miniature Bulletin Boards

      When I was in IL, I got to go to Hobby Lobby (seems I never have one near by, no matter where I live!) Anyway, I didn't find the needlepoint stuff I wanted, but I did get some sheets of cork, so I could make these! I made one for me, and one for my friend Emily. Can you tell she likes horses? =)
     My favorite part is the tiny thumbtacks. =) I cut the tips off of sewing pins, and used the heads for tacks. It worked really well. The photos are thumbnails that Grandma got with her pictures from Wal-mart, the calendar I copied out of a miniature magazine I have, and pretty much everything else I clipped out of Dover catalogs. Hope you enjoyed seeing these! =)
P.S. Emily, if you're reading this, you have a mini present in the mail! =)
P.P.S. Whatever it says, I did NOT write this at 7:25! Silly clock. Lydia is never up by then. =)

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