Junky dishwashers, and tin recipe boxes

     Yesterday I got mad at the dishwasher. lol. It's true. Really, really, really mad at the dishwasher! Believe it or not, even sweet, mild-mannered, laid back people like me can get angry at kitchen appliances. ;-) See, number one, nothing fits right in it (the dishwasher, that is) , because they made it so weird, and number two, it barely even washes anymore. It always leaves this gross, sandy crud on everything. >:-( 
     So anyway, because I got mad at the dishwasher, Mom looked on Craigslist, and found us a new one! So we went to Cape Girardeau (sp?) to pick it up, which was very nice because we got to go shopping at Cape! =) Really, we just went to the Goodwill and JoAnn's fabric, but both of those are ridiculously fun compared to what we have around here. =) I found this tin recipe box for a buck, which I like a looot, and I got a hat which I probably paid too much for, and I got a leather American Eagle belt for two bucks, which was very nice. I was afraid it was going to be eight, or something ridiculous. Recently Goodwill has had this thing where they mark anything that's Converse or American Eagle, or anything like that, way up. It always makes me so mad. What's the point anymore if you can't get cool stuff for the same as not cool stuff? =) I mean really...!

     See, isn't it cute? Kind of a vintagey tin sort of thingummy. =) It's just the right size for index cards, so I'm going to copy my favorite recipes, and put them in it.
     Other than that, not much has been happening. I'm kind of working on a project that involves yarn and flowers, but I'll show you that later when I've done more on it.... =)

P.S. I'm kinda thinking about doing Etsy. What do you think?

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  1. YES!!! You should do Esty!!! Your creations are good!!