Going on a trip!

     Hey! =) So, this is what's happening. Tomorrow, or possibly the next day we're going to Illinois! We're going to help Uncle Paul do my Grandma W's roof, and we'll spend the 4th of July there with family from both sides. =) Grandma W. doesn't have internet, but maybe I'll get to do a post from the Morris house. After that, we're going to one of my very favoritest places ever, where I used to live in Missouri! =) Our old church is having a men's conference, ManUp, and Sam and Dad are going. The rest of us get to hang out with some of my very favoritest people the Valencias, and it is going to be a blast! (I know, I know, favoritest is NOT a word!) It should be. ;-)
     Anyway, I'm excited, and I have a loooong Hobby Lobby list! Btw, did you guys know that you can go to the Hobby Lobby website and print off 40% off coupons? They almost always have them, and they're one of our money-saving tricks. =) Just a side-note.
     So! I will be seeing you soon, I think, but probably not as often. It's sort of a summer vacation.

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