10 Ways To Have the Best Summer Ever

1) Never, ever wear shoes
2) Go swimming whenever you possibly can
3) Always forget what day of the week it is
4) Always forget what the date is
5) Never remember to make your bed
6) Drink lots of lemonade
7) Eat lots of ice cream. And watermelon. And strawberries. And popsicles. And... you get the idea.
8) Read lotsandlots of books
9) Live where there's lots of shade trees
10) Always have a car with air conditioning!

We need a little help with that last one. We just took the dogs to Jonesboro to get their rabies shots, and I am still hot from the ride! However, I am doing very well with all the other points, especially never wearing shoes, and forgetting to make my bed! =) I love summer.... <3

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