Going on a trip!

     Hey! =) So, this is what's happening. Tomorrow, or possibly the next day we're going to Illinois! We're going to help Uncle Paul do my Grandma W's roof, and we'll spend the 4th of July there with family from both sides. =) Grandma W. doesn't have internet, but maybe I'll get to do a post from the Morris house. After that, we're going to one of my very favoritest places ever, where I used to live in Missouri! =) Our old church is having a men's conference, ManUp, and Sam and Dad are going. The rest of us get to hang out with some of my very favoritest people the Valencias, and it is going to be a blast! (I know, I know, favoritest is NOT a word!) It should be. ;-)
     Anyway, I'm excited, and I have a loooong Hobby Lobby list! Btw, did you guys know that you can go to the Hobby Lobby website and print off 40% off coupons? They almost always have them, and they're one of our money-saving tricks. =) Just a side-note.
     So! I will be seeing you soon, I think, but probably not as often. It's sort of a summer vacation.


Junky dishwashers, and tin recipe boxes

     Yesterday I got mad at the dishwasher. lol. It's true. Really, really, really mad at the dishwasher! Believe it or not, even sweet, mild-mannered, laid back people like me can get angry at kitchen appliances. ;-) See, number one, nothing fits right in it (the dishwasher, that is) , because they made it so weird, and number two, it barely even washes anymore. It always leaves this gross, sandy crud on everything. >:-( 
     So anyway, because I got mad at the dishwasher, Mom looked on Craigslist, and found us a new one! So we went to Cape Girardeau (sp?) to pick it up, which was very nice because we got to go shopping at Cape! =) Really, we just went to the Goodwill and JoAnn's fabric, but both of those are ridiculously fun compared to what we have around here. =) I found this tin recipe box for a buck, which I like a looot, and I got a hat which I probably paid too much for, and I got a leather American Eagle belt for two bucks, which was very nice. I was afraid it was going to be eight, or something ridiculous. Recently Goodwill has had this thing where they mark anything that's Converse or American Eagle, or anything like that, way up. It always makes me so mad. What's the point anymore if you can't get cool stuff for the same as not cool stuff? =) I mean really...!

     See, isn't it cute? Kind of a vintagey tin sort of thingummy. =) It's just the right size for index cards, so I'm going to copy my favorite recipes, and put them in it.
     Other than that, not much has been happening. I'm kind of working on a project that involves yarn and flowers, but I'll show you that later when I've done more on it.... =)

P.S. I'm kinda thinking about doing Etsy. What do you think?


More Green Earrings

     This is how I do green earrings! Polymer clay and paper is easier than beads, I think. More fun too. =)
     P.S. Are you tired of earrings? Sorrrry..... that's all I'm doing besides reading and swimming.:-p


Minis and earrings... again! =)

      Today was a pretty good day. Mostly we just went swimming, but I also got in a creative mood and made some miniatures and earrings. This vase/pot thingummy of tulips was made with a sort of 3D paper quilling technique...
      I was going to put a lot more tulips in the pot, but it got tedious after a while, and I think it turned out fine this way.
      This is a chocolate pie in a bottle cap I made a few days ago...
      And these are my new earrings! (along with my fresh-out-of-the-swimming-pool hair) ;-)

       I made a ring to match it, and yes I did superglue myself in the process. It was worth it though. =)
     In addition to the danglies, I also made some studs, but I have NOT tried them on yet, because there was some superglue slopped on to the back. It's one thing to get a little superglue on your thumb, it's quite another to be known as the girl with permanent earrings. =) So anyway... there you go: paper quilled tulips, chocolate pie, and a jewelery set that I LOVE!!!! =)


Green Earrings for Mom

      My Mom looooves green, but she can't ever find green earrings. Which doesn't make sense... but anyway we decided that I should just make some for her. I've never really done beaded earrings before, and they're not perfect, but pretty good for a first try!


Pie and cookie dough

      I finished my cherry pie! I used an IBC root beer bottle cap for the pan. The top crust took forever, but the rest was fairly easy.
      And I made chocolate chip cookie dough... which I think is even better than chocolate chip cookies!
      The cardstock cookie sheet is kinda dumb. I'm going to ask Dad how I could make one out of metal...
     And here's my pumpkin pie! Hope you enjoyed them. Toodles! =)



Me and Jason with our goggles and water torpedoes

Going under!

Trying to stand on their heads.



A thrift-store trip. =)

      Today Dad worked on his motorcycle at school, and while he and the boys were over there, Mom and I went thrift-shopping. The first one practically everything was fifty cents. I got this vase and hourglass (or perhaps minuteglass?) Mom got a plant. Then we went to some consignment shop where I got a scarf, and they told us about a place called Amazing Things, or something like that. I was super glad we found it, because it's the only shop that slightly resembles an antique store around here. She had lots and lots of vintage books, and some really cool furniture. I got a miniature book, and one book. Anyway, it was a lot of fun! Now we're home with the little boys making food for Father's Day tomorrow. And Dad and Sam should be along anytime to make jalapeno shrimp poppers. =)


Doomed to boredom.

     Well! Um... hello. I have nothing to say. Lol. It's really been a very boring day, the most exciting thing we did was swim. Yesterday a friend came over to swim, and we played games and ate cheetos and left-over birthday brownies. Today I can't think of anything to do at all. Well I can, actually. I could start sewing a skirt (I have the fabric and the pattern), I could read some of my library books, I could write a letter or e-mail, I could send my Grandma a thank-you not for birthday presents, I could walk my dog, I could make some new minis... lots of options, right? *Sigh* I just don't like any of them. Ever have that problem in the summer? A lot of us do, probably.
     Oh man, I am so bored!!!!!!!! Lol. It's driving me nuts. Maybe I will see if I can get my creative juices going (where on earth did that expression come from?!) and make a list of Things to do when you're bored out of your mind. Okay, here goes...

Things To Do When You're Bored Out Of Your Mind

Stare blankly at a computer screen
Eat lots of food and become fat
Read the beginnings of all the classics you have lying around, until you decide they're too boring and intelligent for you
Read a kid's chapter book in under thirty minutes
Wish you felt creative
Pester everybody else until they snap at you
Write a boring blog post
Waste time on facebook, computer games, and just clicking back and forth from window to window
Read other people's blogs. Wonder if you have an intelligent comment to make, but decide not.
Wish that someone would give you a million dollars

No good. That is a very boring list. And it is not going to help me cure my boredom. Believe me, I've already tried them all. I am doomed to boredom!



My Favorite Corner

     This is the best corner in my bedroom. It's where I write, think, and create. And believe me it is definitely not this neat all the time! Today Sam helped me hang my globe from the ceiling, and I sticky-tacked some of my favorite postcards and pictures on the wall. Now the walls are a hectic, creative collage of me, and my favorite things. =)
     A blurry picture of my globe, and a corner of my bulletin board.
     Happy craziness! Anyway, that's my favorite corner. Hope you liked it! =)

My Birthday

     Well... things have been kind of slow and boring lately. Which is fine. Sometimes slow and boring is relaxing and wonderful. =) Yesterday was my birthday though, which was not boring. Dad and I worked on a dollhouse plan all morning. Then we had a very delicious lunch.
     Grilled garlic-butter shrimp, homemade rolls, asparagus, and strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries with whipped cream. It was wonderful! =)
     And of course the birthday cake... or rather brownies this time! =) The little boys gave me swimming goggles, noodles, and a blow-up raft, which to all reports has already been chewed up by Piper and Pookie... the boogers! And Sam gave me a pair of scissors, and M+D gave me some CDs and a raspberry dark chocolate bar. =) After that Dad had to go to work. Then I got facebook! ... which is fun... =).... and we went swimming, which was also fun, and then we just kinda lay around for a while and relaxed. Mom and I went to Zaxby's for supper, which has the most amazing chicken, btw. Three times better than KFC! Then we went to JCPennys, and I finally found the white shirt I needed to wear under a really cute dress/jumper I have. (I don't know why it was so hard to find just a plain white T-shirt) Mom also bought me some leather flip-flops which I already adore. =) So anyway! It was a pretty good day! =)


10 Ways To Have the Best Summer Ever

1) Never, ever wear shoes
2) Go swimming whenever you possibly can
3) Always forget what day of the week it is
4) Always forget what the date is
5) Never remember to make your bed
6) Drink lots of lemonade
7) Eat lots of ice cream. And watermelon. And strawberries. And popsicles. And... you get the idea.
8) Read lotsandlots of books
9) Live where there's lots of shade trees
10) Always have a car with air conditioning!

We need a little help with that last one. We just took the dogs to Jonesboro to get their rabies shots, and I am still hot from the ride! However, I am doing very well with all the other points, especially never wearing shoes, and forgetting to make my bed! =) I love summer.... <3


Rest in peace, shiny red camera. =(


     My camera is now officially a piece of junk. It won't do anything right. I can take pictures, but they have funny lines on them, and the flash and lighting is messed up, and it does frustrating things. *Sigh* I am not happy. On the other hand, I have been using it for a long time, maybe even since I was eleven, so I guess it has had a fairly long life. Unfortunately, I don't have much cash to spend on another one, mostly because I just spent it all! Oops! =(  I need some way to make money... any suggestions? Maybe I will get a little birthday money, and Dad will help me find something on ebay. Which reminds me... on the brighter side of things, my birthday is coming soon! And... because I am still obsessed with miniatures, and still want a dollhouse, Mom and Dad are going to buy the plywood for me, and Dad's going to help me get started building one. I want to make my own plan, which should be interesting. And maybe I will learn to use power tools. Which should be really interesting!


Rings, earrings, and Pickles

      Yesterday evening we went to Jonesboro with Grandma, to shop for my early birthday present. Mostly I spent the money on stuff from Hobby Lobby, but I got some fun jewelery too.
      I found the materials to make rings and stud earrings, which I was super excited about. And I got a super-glue pen in hopes that it would help me keep it off my fingers! lol. So far I've not been very successful with that, but super glue is so useful that I don't care. And by now I know what to do if I glue myself, and I don't panic. Lol!
     Today I made these two rings, one out of an old metal button, and the other one is a bead....I think, that my friend Jana gave me a long time ago.
     And I made a pair of button earrings, too. =)
     And here, as promised, is a picture of Jason's cat Pickles. His name really fits him, too!
     Other than that, I'm not doing much. We're swimming a lot, of course. The pool is only half full, because Dad wants the little boys to practice swimming before we fill it all the way. It's still wonderful, even when it's not full! =)


Miniature Bulletin Boards

      When I was in IL, I got to go to Hobby Lobby (seems I never have one near by, no matter where I live!) Anyway, I didn't find the needlepoint stuff I wanted, but I did get some sheets of cork, so I could make these! I made one for me, and one for my friend Emily. Can you tell she likes horses? =)
     My favorite part is the tiny thumbtacks. =) I cut the tips off of sewing pins, and used the heads for tacks. It worked really well. The photos are thumbnails that Grandma got with her pictures from Wal-mart, the calendar I copied out of a miniature magazine I have, and pretty much everything else I clipped out of Dover catalogs. Hope you enjoyed seeing these! =)
P.S. Emily, if you're reading this, you have a mini present in the mail! =)
P.P.S. Whatever it says, I did NOT write this at 7:25! Silly clock. Lydia is never up by then. =)


Vintage Findings =)

      I bought these four postcards when I went antiquing with Sam and Grandma. I <3 them! =) I think I'm collecting vintage postcards now. This one says Stoddard hotel and Fourth St. South. La Crosse, Wisconsin. across the top.
      Bureau of printing and engraving, Washington. D.C.
     Inter-city viaduct connecting Kansas City, Mo. and Kansas City, Kansas

     Municipal pier at foot of Broadway, San Diego, California  None of them have writing on them except for this one, which has a one-cent stamp and a 1943 postage mark.
     It says: Dear Mom and Dad, I got here at 6:15 P.M. We were 4 hours late getting into L.A. I will write a letter tomorrow when I have time. I am going to the base now. We had a good trip out here. With love, Bill 
     There's also a stamp on it that says BUY WAR SAVINGS BONDS AND STAMPS   I'm assuming this guy was a soldier in World War II? It's kind of weird and cool at the same time. Weird, because, think of people buying our postcards in antique stores! Yeah... Weird.
     I also found this old globe in my bedroom at Grandma's house. It's pretty old and beat-up, and has a huge dent in it, but I think that makes it better. Its stand is broke, but I'm going to hang it from my ceiling, above my desk/table.
     And Mom found this in her old chest, and gave it to me...
     Anyway! That's all for now. =) We set up the swimming pool out back, and it is very slooowly filling up. Probably a post on that later... Also some of you will probably want to see pictures of Jason's kitten. =)


That was fun! =)

     Wow. That was the longest break in the whole history of my blog. I think I am just a wee bit addicted to blogging, because I really missed it. Don't tell Mom. She's against internet addictions. ;-)
     Anyway... here's some pictures from my vacation. This (above) is the Wildermuth family. (Mom's side) who we spent lots of fun time with. =)

     And this is Linus, Aunt Joy and Uncle Tim's temporary pet monkey. By way of explanation, they work at a Bible camp in Wisconsin, and do lots of nature programs and stuff. So Linus is going to spend this summer at Bible camp, and meet lots of campers. He was a real character, and a lot of fun. It's pretty crazy to have a monkey crawling around on you, and chewing on your necklace. =)
      We also spent time with the Morris side too, although I don't have a lot of photos of them. We went to church with them on Sunday, and then we went to New Salem.
      When I was about Ben's age, we lived only about ten minutes from New Salem, and we went there all the time. I loved it. =)
     All of the boys. Ben, Sam, Uncle David, and Dad's cousin Danny (and yes he's seven feet tall, or something totally ridiculous like that.)
     Mom, Dad, and the little boys left on Tuesday. We went shopping with Grandma and Aunt Shayna, and Shayna and I had a blast splurging on earrings and headbands at Claire's. Sam stayed in the car for like forty-five minutes, and I think he was rolling his eyes the entire time. ;-)
      Wednesday, Shayna left (sad day) =(  but Emily and Ethan Smith came over and spent several hours with us. Our dads were friends in eighth grade, or something, so we've known each other forever. Old friends are the best! =)

      Emily, Me, Sam, and Ethan. PCOG (photo courtesy of Grandma) =)
      I'm not sure what all we did in what order, but we watched movies, ate out, went to a festival, went antique shopping, watered Grandma's flowers, played pig with the basketball, and over all had a good time.
     This is a shadow of me in the hammock. =) I think we need a hammock at our house.

     One day we took a really, really long walk down to the river, and then we sat under the bridge and had a picnic. It was really hot, and we more than wore ourselves out.
     A famished Sam eating his hot dog. We had hot dogs, carrots, apples, ice cream bars, cottage cheese, and the best potato chips in the world. It was doubly delicious after the walk.
     These are kitchen cooked potato chips. You can only buy them in central Illinois where my grandparents live, but they ought to be worldwide.
      The best way to eat them is with cottage cheese. =)
      Grandma being her typical self, and setting up for a family picture. =)
      Sam being his typical self, and making annoying noises with a blade of grass.
     My feet were so glad to be free. I wore tennis shoes on the walk, and hated every minute of it. I brought flip-flops in my bag, and we walked home on the frontage road, so I wore them. I am always prepared. Lol. That's a joke.
     Me and Grandma at the bridge. Aren't we cute? =) Anyway, this is the longest post ever, and Dad wants the computer, so I've got to say bye for now. Grandma's going to stay with us for a few days, they got a swimming pool while we were gone, which we need to set up soon, and Jason has a cat named Pickles. That pretty much covers all the big stuff. See ya! I'll be back... =)