Finger Acessories...

 I was in the mood for being creative today, and so I made myself some...um, finger accessories. I guess they're called rings. I knew that, actually. =) This was my first one. It's a bit chunky, but pretty nice.
 I have a rather large collection of bits and scraps of paper, like the rose paper I pasted on this ring. My collection comes in handy, and it's a good excuse for cutting up catalogs and saving trash, both of which I find fun. =)
 The next one I made out of an old postage stamp... I have postage stamp earrings too. =) I need more stamps. I can't believe I got rid of Sam and my huge stamp collection a few years ago. I have been kicking myself ever since. *sigh*
     Maybe five was overdoing it, but I got carried away and had some fun. I made one with a German postage stamp of a castle, and the other two are made out of pieces of glass and pottery. They weren't mine to start with, but I wheedled them out of Ben with the help of a Canadian quarter and stamp, and a bigger chunk of glass that I couldn't use. He was copying me anyway, by collecting them. Sometimes it gets annoying to have little brothers who collect all the same things as you, but I guess it means they admire me. Which Jason would admit freely, but Ben would probably die first.
     Anyway, that's what I did today, other then devouring my new library books and practicing those confounded scales. And wouldn't you know it, despite his complaining and prophesies of doom, Sam is the one who has them down perfect now, while I am having a horrific time of it. Some people were born aggravating.
     Off to practice scales (again!) Mom and Dad are making Chinese fried rice, and crab rangoon. Something tells me it's going to be delicious...

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