Sam's Go-cart

      So when we went to Harbor Freight, Sam bought a go-cart motor, so his go-cart finally works again. Dad's not teaching the day class any more, so he was home all this morning, and they got it going.
Rides for everyone! (Of course)
      And yes, I had to try it. Sometimes I pretend I'm above such things, but well... you know...

      Okay, so after a few times around I'm driving it. I totally freaked Sam out. He turned it off three different times, and told me I had to drive safer. Also he yelled things at the sky like, "You're freaking me out! Why did I ever let you drive! Stop! I must have been insane, when I let you drive! Slow down! Turn, turn!" and things like that...  Personally, I think I drove fine, and I think it's funny that he freaked out. I felt safer with me driving actually. Sam says that's just another reason for him to conclude that I'm a highly dangerous driver.
      This is Piper. She wore herself out chasing the go-cart and getting all excited and hyper because 1) her kids were riding a go-cart around the yard, 2) A go-cart is a thing with a motor, and she feels obligated to chase it, and 3) We eventually kicked her out of the back part of the yard, and she was not happy about it at all.
     Sam wouldn't let me drive again. :-(  I'm pretty sure in this picture we're having a very spirited discussion about my safeness or unsafeness as a go-cart driver. :-) He says I can drive it when Dad gets back, so Dad will be the one yelling at me and I'll actually listen. Whatever. I am so not a bad driver. =)

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