No More Mondays (yes!)

      School is done, as of Monday!!!! And we will have no more Mondays, ever, ever again. Well we will, but you know what I mean. =)
     We're all working hard at the little house, mowing, painting, and fixing little things. Someone wants to look at it this weekend. Hurray! I hope it sells very soon so we don't have to keep mowing it. =)
     "Dissection Saturday" went fine. I didn't blog about it, though, because, well... cutting dead animals open does not make a very pretty post. You know?! =) I am excited though, because there are several girls I could see being friends with, which is something I need. The neighbor kids turned out to be very nice, and we'll enjoy getting to know them.
     Today Pattie, from our church is coming over for lunch, and Sam is hoping that Peyton (the neighbor boy) will come over to ride on the go-cart. And I... I am just content to think about summer, and the amazing brownies I made. =)

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