Mop gets superglued

     This is Mop, a one-of-a-kind shiny brown pottery poodle. A few weeks ago Mop was sitting on my windowsill, along with my bottle collection and various other one-of-a-kind creatures, when an enormous gust of wind swept them all off onto the floor. Everyone escaped unharmed, save Mop who broke into two neat little halves. Fortunately for Mop, the halves fit together beautifully, and there wasn't a single additional break or chip. Unfortunately for Mop, I didn't have any good glue to put him together again, and as we were moving that week, gluing Mop together again was not top priority. I was reminded of him, however, when I saw some little tubes of super glue at Harbor Freight, and I added them to the cart against the day when I would finally have time to glue Mop back together again.
     Fast forward a few weeks, and you come to today, when I notice a forgotten Mop lying patiently in an out-of-sight corner waiting to be whole again. Feeling sorry for him, I rummage around in the garage until I find my super glue, and bring it up to my bedroom. First I read the directions: don't get it in your eyes, or on your skin, apply only one drop per square inch, wear safety goggles (yeah right!), etc. etc. Okay, I can do that, right? Wrong. No one ever told me that super glue was a liquid. So I punch a hole in the little tin thingy, and give the tube a less-than-gentle squeeze over Mop. Instantly, Mop is drenched, and so is my pinky and ring finger. Only mildly concerned, I wipe Mop down with a cloth, and go stick my fingers under the bathroom faucet. It's then that I notice my fingertips are starting to feel stiff, and it occurs to me that maybe you're not supposed to get it on your skin because it won't come off if you do! I yell for Sam, who is less than encouraging, and implies that it will only come off if it takes your skin with it. This thought nearly makes me burst into tears, and Sam departs, rather amused that I would be so stupid.
     In the end, it does come off with the aid of fingernail polish remover (which is a very useful product, by the way), but not without much worry and a few tears on my part. I was still determined to finish my task though, and so I returned to Mop, and very carefully dabbled a few drops of glue onto him, and pushed the pieces together. I also had to scrub him with nail polish remover, but it wasn't long until he was restored to his shiny brown self. Ta-da! Isn't superglue marvelous? I wish it wasn't so attached to my fingernail though...

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