Miniature Food

Last night I made mini ice cream sandwiches.

Here they are next to a penny to show the scale.

And today I made shish-kabobs (sp?) I haven't baked them yet...

Probably should have shown these pics first, and ice cream later for dessert, huh?
     Well! I have been quite frustrated with blogger, because it wouldn't let me log in or anything. I thought the problem was our internet or something, but I finally found out that blogger was down. It was very annoying.
     Anyway, (great) Uncle Jim and Aunt Fina are here to visit. We went to the Pink Palace Museum in Memphis with them this afternoon, which was lots of fun. My camera didn't have it's card in it, though, so I couldn't take any pictures. Too bad. Well, I'd better go. Mom and Aunt Fina are working on an amazing supper, which should be done very shortly. Hope you like my mini food! =)

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