Little Birds and Dinner Rolls...

I made four rolls. The penny is to give you an idea of the size. Also you can see my thumbnail with purple clay in it. Lol!
      This morning Mom, Dad and Ben went to the little house to work on the floor. Sam stayed up in his room and did who-knows-what, and Jason and I stayed downstairs and made minis. =) We listened to old Disney songs on Pandora while we worked. Our favorite one is "The Bare Necessities" from the Jungle Book. Oh and, "Cruella De Vil" Or at least it's my favorite, I think it kind of creeps Jason out. =)
      I made some mini rolls, and Jason started with a little basket I helped him make, but then he took off on his own and made this amazing little bird in a tree. The first time we tried to bake it, it bent all the way over, and the little birdie had a nest on the ground. Fortunately, we caught it pretty soon, and I managed to fix it, even though it was halfway baked already.
     And look! Three cute little eggs. =) I barely helped him at all. I think he's more creative than me! =) I could go on, but sadly, I have to say goodbye now, and go clean my room, which is a wreck. So good-bye... have a lovely Saturday!
     "The world was such a wholesome place until... Cruella, Cruella, De Vil."  Lol.

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